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Joint pain can be caused by many types of injuries or conditions.
Such joint involvement may not, of course, be sufficient to avoid all disruptions.
Remarkably, only this month was the first joint chief of staff appointed.
Snake bile is used to clear up your phlegm and stomach, and to promote joint health.
Once the parasite lands on a crab, it makes its way to a joint in the crustacean's exoskeleton.
Using an electric drill, secure each joint with screws.
When their motors turn the same way, the joint moves.
Savings will come from combining back-office activities and from joint purchasing of aircraft, fuel and ground services.
They also worked on the station's jammed solar wing rotating joint.
Knee joint replacement is surgery to replace a knee joint with an artificial joint.
Two opposition parties have put aside their substantial differences to field a joint candidate in the presidential elections.
They painted on panels cut from the same oak tree, which suggests they made joint purchases of art supplies from the same vendor.
Joint infections can have features that resemble gout.
It showed that the ligaments around the joint were damaged.
It is not, in any sense of the word, a joint command.
Bring the ankle of one foot to the opposite knee, making sure that your ankle is beyond the knee joint.
Schwartz says the team now plans to research ways to build more accurate prosthetic, with a wrist joint and a more humanlike hand.
He had been found on a road, with a separated shoulder and his knee gashed open to the joint.
People who injure the ligament typically hear a pop as it ruptures and the joint seems to give out.
Nothing makes you more powerful inside the joint than a strong grounding in currency arbitrage.
The joint can also be more easily tuned to meet a particular user's needs.
The home was in joint tenancy with rights to survivorship.
Joint liability for loans became an increasing problem for groups when some members wanted to borrow more than others.
They do not help with the muscle and joint pain, but they do protect one's teeth from wear.
Hip joint replacement is surgery to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial joint.
Inside, at each circular joint, there was a partial blockage of some white pithy matter.
Then, if the duo gave different answers, they had to discuss who gave the right answer and form a joint decision.
Think of our arms as two mechanical limbs hung from a ball and socket joint.
On the other hand, the rest of us gained an unbeatable taco-and-tequila joint serving inventive, unfussy fare.
Which meant double whiskey sours and maybe a joint and some boiled shrimp.
More rarely, it completely divides the joint into two cavities.
The articular branches to the knee-joint are three in number.
Each joint has a volar and two collateral ligaments.
It is situated partly within the pelvis against its posterior wall, and partly at the back of the hip-joint.
The tendon of insertion may end in the fascia lata, the capsule of the knee-joint, or the fascia of the leg.
The coronary sulcus can be indicated by a line from the third left, to the sixth right, sternocostal joint.
He still does not have joint inflammation in either hand.
People who have a prosthesis, such as an artificial joint, need to carefully protect themselves against infection.
The last seven or eight poles were leaned into the joint at regular intervals, leaving one with more space for the opening.
It is, for lack of a better adjective, a hipster joint.
And, someone will always point out the spouses in a joint-appointment arrangement.
Wherever the movement is restricted, the robot concludes that there's a joint.
The goal is to encourage the bone to grow into the metal, similar to what happens after joint replacement surgeries.
It embraces things such as franchising, licensing and joint ventures.
The impact of landing drove his lower leg up through the right knee joint.
When they eventually compared answers, they could discuss their disagreement to arrive at a joint decision.
Liver, kidney failure and constant joint pain forced us to have him be put to sleep.
Then you find your body racked in pain, every muscle and joint aches.
The burger joint, complete with a drive-through window, will be jointly owned by the church and one of its members.

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