jinx in a sentence

Example sentences for jinx

Once it was an anomaly, then it became a trend and now it's a full-fledged jinx.
One does not discuss such things, he said, as if it might jinx his chances.
He turned nervously away from the board, as if staring at it might jinx his sister's subterfuge.
And he's in the process of lining up a full-time gig that he doesn't want to jinx by disclosing.
Its location has been something of a jinx for restaurants, with many having opened and closed in short order.
So a squirrel jinx would fit right in with this team's agonizing history.
If they are not lobbying now, that is because they feel that they have already done their work and do not want to jinx it.
The number had been a jinx in the past, but the banker would not specify how.
She will not let me use her name either, fearing that will jinx whatever flight she does take.
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