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These were modest stunts, to be sure, except for this fact: the jets have no pilots.
For example, fighter jets could be designed to be more acrobatic without risk of stall-induced crashes.
Zeroing in on the cause of high-speed jets issuing from energetic galactic cores.
The school repeatedly leapt out of the ocean, spurting jets of water behind them as they flew through the air.
These jets of plasma travel outward along the magnetic field lines which are twisted by the rotating accretion disk.
Big modern jets have taken nearly all the danger out of air travel, and nearly all the glamour, too.
Its crew has what the crews of fighter jets lack: situational, smell-of-the-battlefield awareness.
Military jets, anyway, are only supposed to be used by ministers performing official duties.
Ammonia spotted in the jets could act as antifreeze in under-ice oceans.
Each squid, as it's captured, frantically tries to free its tentacles from the hooks by emitting great jets of water.
Although some of these could be the same jets circling round or changing direction.
Unlike the sales of everything else these days-morning lattes, pricey dinners, corporate jets-the sales of chocolate are booming.
Jets of material from the white dwarf are thought to have smashed into this bubble's wall.
We spot big net bags full of mussels and see clams spitting thin jets of seawater.
Jets of steam and acrid vapor hissed from vents in the rock far below, staining the cliffs a greenish yellow.
Regional jets will fly one-third the domestic flights this month, unchanged from a year ago.
More than three-quarters are single-aisle jets used for domestic flights.
The company makes everything from fighter jets to small turbine-powered propeller airliners.
Pilots and crews of tycoons' private jets prop up local bars.
But fighter jets are a limited and expensive resource.
Airlines, which seldom own their jets, will suffer too.
Previous parades have involved everything from intercontinental missiles and tanks to fighter jets flown overhead.
Many military jets would now be impossible to fly if pilots had to rely on mechanical controls alone.
Over military aid, they grumble that needed helicopters and fighter jets are held back.
In a single gallery there can be canvases worth more, taken together, than a whole fleet of jumbo jets.

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