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Example sentences for jest

Many a word was said in jest but behold now we see many of these coming to pass.
If anything is spoken in jest, it is not fair to turn it to earnest.
Orthodoxies could not be questioned, even in jest.
How much truth could be said in jest.
That's not entirely in jest.
Firstly, my comment was mostly meant in jest, so lighten up a little.
It is a humorous and fallacious statement made purely for jest.
Though meant in jest, the title of statesman is not entirely inapt.
My offhanded political aside in praise of the acting in this movie was made in jest.
They are (by and large) the best; I do not jest.
Even if statements seem to be made in jest, employees need to understand that such jokes are not appropriate.
She said that the statement was made in jest and that she and the two coworkers had a history of joking around together.

Famous quotes containing the word jest

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