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When the isolated parts were viewed together, the paleontologists were struck by the size of the dinosaur.
There were probably a number of these isolated habitats.
The cheetahs had been isolated on a hilltop away from visitors in hopes they would mate.
Visitors navigate sharp corners, climb into alcoves and slip into half-hidden, isolated areas.
Sentences of this type, isolated from their context, may seem to be in need of rewriting.
Fermentation is no longer one of those isolated and mysterious phenomena which do not admit of explanation.
Instead of an isolated beggar, the farthest star felt him, and he felt the star.
However, the campus became isolated from the rest of the world.
If this were an isolated incident, one need not be overly concerned.
No longer would economics and engineering advances be isolated from each other.
It has allowed isolated people to communicate with one another and marginalized people to find one another.
The removal of the maps was hardly an isolated incident.
Yet it will not seem inappropriate to consider one relatively isolated, yet not atypical, area of foreign affairs-atomic energy.
In a few isolated cases employers voluntarily adopted the five-day week.
They are required to be isolated from the investment bank's other activities.
Others show isolated moments of intense action, as protesters yell and throw rocks, and shots ring out from various directions.
But while this study is an important result in the literature, it is not an isolated one.
The military was more isolated, and over time it developed an ethos that was markedly more aristocratic than that of society.
The impending collapse of the deficit-reduction group isn't an isolated failure.
Such deepseated and strong statements are rarely isolated occurrences, but candid reflections of one's personal world view.
But that doesn't mean that his act can or should be treated as an isolated event, having nothing to do with the national climate.
However, every now and then isolated objects will register in bold primary colors against the monochromatic backgrounds.
The vast majority of patients are isolated cases with no known family history of the disease.
The genomics gold rush revolves around genes that have been isolated and purified outside an animal, plant or microorganism.
In addition, hiccups are seldom isolated events but tend to recur every few seconds, sometimes for hours.
After a predetermined time, the vessel that has been exposed to the low-caffeine extract is isolated and emptied.
These proteins are easily isolated from milk and can be administered in pure form by injection.
You're obviously letting an isolated case affect your prejudices.
To do this, they isolated thin slices of rat brain containing intact sensory, vasopressin-releasing and clock neurons.
Patients had sued researchers for patenting a cell line or gene isolated from samples without the donors' knowledge.
Rather, it is the inability to connect with others that leaves people unhappy and socially isolated.
Pairs of them can give exactly the same responses to measurements conducted on them at the same time in isolated booths.
Indeed, there is no study in existence that has isolated and asked that specific question.
It appears to be an isolated illness of the lower motor neurons.
Our laboratory isolated and tested a few compounds from natural source to have such activities.
All that is required is that a small population of a few thousand stay isolated from inbound gen flow.
While this study is a definite step forward it is not an isolated inquiry or completely original in thought.
It is also possible that hydrostatic sealing has kept the lake truly isolated for millions of years.
It suggests that the universe is an infinitely large, isolated system, in regards to conservation of energy.
The company's cells are isolated from human fetal tissue and then grown in culture.
They were among the first to see their field as a unified engineering science, not merely a collection of isolated specialties.
Current methods of searching used by more traditional engines focus on isolated keywords and broad but shallow content coverage.
Naturally occurring radioactive layers that were probably isolated from the environment until the oil companies drilled into them.
As in biology, diversity arises more easily when populations are isolated, and conformity when not.
They had a way of pouncing on isolated moments in the songs and rendering them as epiphanies.
And while a reactor core is isolated by thick layers of steel and concrete, a spent-fuel pool is largely unshielded.
Since their capture millennia ago, the microbes seem to have been completely isolated.
As these places slowly dried up, remnant populations became isolated from the other crocodiles on the continent.
Their nesting cavities are often in dead, isolated trees.
Many of the new species are isolated to a single river or a side of a mountain, for example.
In succeeding centuries their populations became isolated in a way that few people have anywhere in the world.
Conservationists seek to connect their isolated refuges.
Experts caution, however, that this is too small and isolated a sample from which to draw conclusions.
The part of the world they want to watch can be isolated and monitored on a desktop computer.
Several research teams have isolated bacteria from tobacco that they could grow out in petri dishes.
The incident, it turns out, was not an isolated one.
Researchers isolated a set of bacterium to do the filtering, and they've now patented that combination.
They isolated a pathogen from a sick individual and injected it into a healthy one.
Perhaps best of all, the padding creates a heavily isolated environment.
What had seemed to be a series of isolated incidents was becoming an appalling trend.
Even when the flies are no longer isolated, they mate as if they were.
Most heroes are more effective when they're social heroes rather than isolated heroes.
Their reception areas are isolated frontline structures where the security checks are done.
The two knuckled down, isolated from media scrutiny.
Always a loner, he had become isolated from his own firm.
They required her to stay in an isolated trailer, with no amenities.
Universities are not so isolated from the tragic past, but they still make a claim to speak with eloquence across the centuries.
Generally, the farther away a country from the main producers and the more isolated it is, the higher the price charged.
Natural selection will then do its work on the isolated sub-populations.
These cells are normally electrically isolated from one another.
He languished for five days in a cell isolated from other inmates, until his health failed.
All this is encapsulated within further layers to ensure that it is electrically isolated.
The firm funded a number of successful start-ups, but working in a small, isolated market had obvious drawbacks.
The government says the new road is a vital part of its plan to develop isolated areas of the country.
But in a tiny, isolated society, there may have been room only for one or two needle-makers.
Plainclothes government thugs fought back, bludgeoning isolated protesters and apparently shooting several at close range.
The first proto-dogs probably remained fairly isolated from each other for several thousand years.
Contrary to some reports, there were only isolated cases of looting and fighting.
Isolated and economically strangled, the colonel and his regime would be lucky to survive indefinitely.
The original bandits lived in isolated villages and carried out raids on upright citizens.
These were isolated, unusual deals, by artists whose careers had already brought years of profits to the big music companies.
At other times they have survived in a tiny niche, providing power to isolated communities.
Officials called this and other scandals isolated incidents.
Scientists still need to figure out whether these pools are isolated or are connected to a larger ocean.
As the ancestral cichlids spread through these, they became isolated from groups elsewhere.
Furthermore, there has been a lot of mixing between peoples who were once geographically isolated from one another.
In fact, a large number of allopathic drugs are synthesized or isolated from compounds found in herbs.
On our national radio program, they had some discussion on the hybrid polar x grizzly bears that were occurring in isolated areas.
Deep were his emotions, feelings too isolated and sad.
They have spent more than ten years trying to solve structure of a single isolated half, without any success.
Instead of putting code in our templates, we've isolated it in our views.
The isolated, landlocked state depends on two main highways for essential goods.
Even if you were not deaf and mute, if you went to a foreign country with a different language, you would feel isolated.

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