invocation in a sentence

Example sentences for invocation

Formerly there were many churches in that city dedicated under the invocation of these two holy martyrs.
Genevieve persuaded the people to build a chapel under his invocation on the spot where the abbey was afterwards founded.
By the following years, when such words were all too accurate, they had been somewhat debased by premature invocation.
At the time, various people were horrified at the casual invocation of this kind of violent rhetoric.
Whereas in the case of this puzzle, somehow the invocation of that module gives a misleading push to one's direction of thought.
So the respectable cosmologists above are calling into question the invocation of expanding space in certain situations.
For the rest of his life, he went on repeating the same invocation of fatality.
Could not generate stub objects for web service invocation.
The bindings generation process is presented before summarizing object management and invocation of static and overloaded methods.
Object management and invocation of static and overloaded methods are also summarized.

Famous quotes containing the word invocation

Amiens. What's that 'ducdame'? Jaques. 'Tis a Greek invocation, to call fools into a circle.... more
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