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Example sentences for invective

As the invective became more heated, pressure built to solve the question the diplomatic way: split the difference.
Anything that's not a tome and not weighed down with political invective is appreciated.
Critics of the book have been colorful in their invective.
They filled my comments sections with crazed invective.
She didn't so much report stories as use blogging, invective and search engine optimization to create an alternative reality.
Our apparel and attire suggest to him a chapter of fine invective.
There were no drunks, no thugs, no skinhead invective.
His tormentors swore at him, then tired of their invective and went away.
The invective rivals any that could be found in today's on-line snark-fests.
His learned image is at odds with his famed capacity for crude political invective, which he has toned down since becoming leader.
He also had an enviable flair for hysterical invective.
There she went again, smearing her vile invective across our screens, diminishing us all as human beings.
Times of social stress also tend to elevate invective against presidents.
They became consumed with trading personal invective, hurling expletives, and trashing one another in print.
It wasn't only what he said but how he said it, the violence of his invective.
We will be polite for a while but once the slugfest resumes-and politics is a slugfest-the old invective will slip back in.
Invective-hilarious, acidulous invective, often served up with false apologies-is everywhere.
He's as addicted to that as his fans are to his and their own invective.
Free speech is indeed a glorious thing, but too often these days it is sullied by excessively crude and threatening invective.
The words come bursting out of him in a flood of satire and invective.
When that fails he tries to bait his captors into killing him by hurling inflammatory invective.
Over the years, enciphered messages have been generously spiked with agent invective and profanity.
Debate should be dignified and lacking in personal invective.

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