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Example sentences for intrigue

The campaign rows, party intrigue and sniping could serve nicely as a plot for yet another antipodean soap opera.
He braved the harshest of conditions, threats of violence, and the intrigue that roiled the treasure hunting of his day.
It is far more basic economics than political intrigue.
But when you learn that you can eat a lot of what you see, a picturesque landscape takes on added intrigue.
Still, the new data intrigue medical researchers, who don't usually consider taste an inherited factor in disease risk.
The discovery is sure to intrigue not only researchers, but poachers.
It is a question neither of principles, nor of liberty, but of trickery and intrigue.
But he had resolved to involve himself in no diplomatic intrigue.
Then, last summer, his campaign seemed to spontaneously combust in a puff of fund-raising troubles and staff intrigue.
For his children, violent intrigue was a recurring theme of family life.
The genetic results add both information and intrigue.
But other things might also interest or intrigue you.
One reason these remakes work on the big screen is that initial intrigue that was mentioned earlier.
In the last few years, brown fat has begun to increasingly intrigue scientists.
From the street, hidden possibilities intrigue the imagination amid open and closed businesses, shadows and light.
Honestly don't worry about being fried, intrigue yourself with the glorious stars, that's what they are there for.
His primary interests are in severe weather and snowstorms, but all types of weather intrigue him.
Certainly enough to intrigue and compel me for the rest of my life.
It's the last chapter that ties all the secrets and intrigue together.
More importantly, though, the stories are involving and have a well balanced mixture of action and intrigue.
It is unlikely, for he lacks the rhetorical flair and the zest for intrigue of his father and grandfather.
They also read too much political import and intrigue into small, innocuous decisions.
But any attempt to convey something deeper is bound to intrigue.
Lot's of intrigue and bad business decisions as well as some technical issues doomed the first company.
Instead, this strikes me as a pure marketing ploy, designed to raise brand awareness and intrigue customers.
All of them are born in the time in chaos and intrigue.
Port is the only wine to have been invented by mistake and political intrigue.
There is a lot of controversy and intrigue surrounding the invention of the telephone.
These animals are often difficult to spot in the wild, adding to their intrigue and mystery.
The movie is deliberately vague, an obfuscation presumably intended to intrigue us.
Her legend-wrapped in intrigue, conflict and romance-lives on to this day.
The bizarre intrigue was spun out across two continents and several years.

Famous quotes containing the word intrigue

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