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Example sentences for intricate

The intricate box, lined with blue velvet, contains pieces of mirror mounted on the rear surface.
Such intricate structures would only be recovered in instances of exceptional preservation.
The muscular structure of the heart consists of bands of fibers, which present an exceedingly intricate interlacement.
They had arrived from another valley and were attempting an intricate series of crossings.
But these intricate paintings orbit a mystical sphere of their own.
He was using a cloth to clean every intricate opening in his hubcaps.
Radiolarians are tiny protists that live inside intricate silica shells.
Surely when birds build nests they are weaving stalks in intricate ways that can only be described as intelligent.
Less intelligent species' population growth is limited by intricate feed back mechanisms to prevent selfdestructive overbreeding.
He produces really clever, intricate work and is always evolving in interesting ways.
It is an intricate and beautiful web, time has woven a beautiful tapestry for us to observe.
Battlefields look enormous, packed with intricate detail on buildings and characters.
Gold and red join a riot of vibrant colors in the intricate carvings, statues, pillars and overall decor.
It's the intricate details that make the cakes expensive, he says.
His pictures are consistently geometric, intricate, and clever in the way they link disparate parts into a larger whole.
One relies on oak and time for its flavor, the other on intricate combinations of juniper berries and botanicals.
Underlying many of these meditations is a broader curiosity about the intricate interplay of fact and fantasy.
On it is an intricate computation in a neat, squarish hand.
Now that the show's run has ended, the intricate pieces are going to the highest bidder.
My next project is going to be a fleur box in cherry with some intricate fretwork.
Our bodies consist of an intricate series of levers that make it easier to move our lower arms down than to move them up.
The brain is a glaring exception because it is protected by an intricate shield known as the blood-brain barrier.
These differences tell us that intricate patterns aren't stamped onto a fish's skin according to a genetically encoded blueprint.
Before long he was getting his dots to organize themselves into intricate patterns.
Or, of course, some form of psychokinesis or other method of making something as intricate as a space travel system.
They also invented writing, and then filled millions of tablets with their intricate, detailed characters.
You'd have to look at it under an electron microscope to see the intricate structure.
Of course this kind of intricate argument is beyond simple reasoning of physics.
Foster makes intricate, tensile structures of admirable grace.
He scrawled intricate poems on the foil linings of cigarette packs.
Personnel reshuffling could hardly retrieve the intricate situation, which is again entangled with an unfree political system.
All it does is open a range of intricate, paradoxical issues.
It triggers intricate chemical reactions and sucks poisons from the environment.

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