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The personal stories shed a light on the intimate involvement of people with their obsession.
If you get physically close to one, you feel some sort of intimate bond.
First names were for close relatives, intimate friends and for when addressing subordinates.
Talking about such intimate personal details is excruciating for her, but she vows she won't stop.
Of course, my more intimate colleagues would quietly say, this must be an unplanned pregnancy.
Nonetheless, the ritual endures, an intimate reminder of the time before stealth applications.
Anyone who has been tasked with exceedingly tedious administrative work probably has an intimate understanding of this well.
One of the primary activities of prehistoric clans was the acknowledgment of all members on an intimate level.
It does cause some serious damage especially in more intimate social relations.
When you talk about fragrance, you talk about the intimate.
The scale is much smaller, which calls for an intimate relationship.
Formal dress dictated that females wear such intimate, and often uncomfortable, articles of clothing.
Simply because you are incapable of seeing the pattern does not intimate the existence of a higher being.
The small dining room features dim lights and table candles that make for an extremely romantic, intimate setting.
Position your mobile parallel to your cheekbone and imagine you're having an intimate dinner conversation.
Artists have been producing large-scale and intimate works employing various properties of sticky notes for a few years now.
For everyone else, they're a chance to see animals in a new and intimate way.
In the short run, they sit in individual bodies and are temporarily more intimate companions of the other genes sharing each body.
Cozy to be sure, but what an intimate way to learn about a culture.
Sophisticated dining utilizes small rooms in a traditional courtyard home to create intimate spaces.
Intimate galleries off this main space feature rotating exhibits of smaller works.
His visual imagery provided the viewer with an intimate understanding and unique perspective of his subjects.
They are largely self-sufficient, they can live off the land, they have an intimate relationship with the food on their plates.
Relax at this intimate club known for its great jazz musicians.
The pop psychology notion of a left brain and a right brain doesn't capture their intimate relationship.
Due to their intimate connection, entangled particles share a wave function.
The old-fashioned craft of tissue sectioning, by contrast, is wholly individual and highly intimate.
Each fish embryo ends up in intimate contact with the father's blood supply, so that he can give them nutrients.
Such notions do have consequences because of the intimate connection of algebra and ordinary arithmetic.
But there was a disadvantage as well as an advantage in these intimate family relationships.
No manifestation of the active principle in the great frame of things is so intimate or so pervasive.
In general, the bond between reader and writer is a bond between two people, and it is therefore an intimate bond.
We experiment with them at a genetic level, try to understand their overall behavior, and bond with them on an intimate scale.
Garland's concert performances were so intimate and unguarded that listeners believed she was singing for them individually.
Despite their complexity, they wield the power of urgently felt material, and in each of their many rooms they seem intimate.
The insensitivity that is the dark side of boldness can squelch intimate relations.
He wanted to forge more intimate relations with fewer companies.
Better yet, if there is no pressure to make a business out of it, it can remain intimate and discreet.
Two photographers on the weird and intimate beauty of rotting buildings.
And then there's the occasional all-too-intimate patdown.
Bed and breakfasts give couples a more low key and intimate lodging experience.
The only upcharge restaurants on board are the coffee bar and the intimate supper club.
He also eluded censorship to tell a story that, though intimate in scope, depicts his rage at the official order on a grand scale.
Photographers today must be jealous looking at these intimate pictures.
The new wing, grandly processional in scheme and finely intimate in detail, does its job with judicious flair.
The music is at once terrifying and enrapturing, alien and intimate.
Reading someone's handwriting can be incredibly intimate and revealing, perhaps especially in an age of e-mail and texting.
Intimate with both subject and viewer, he dissolves emotional distances.
Steve courageously exposes his life to us, allowing us to experience the intimate threads of our own.
It turned out that she had the same gift, as this intimate survey demonstrates.
My inability to have a long-term intimate relationship.
My paintings feature both intimate spaces and dramatic deep space effects.
No doubt this was much of its charm for people who came here from smaller, less intimate places.
The experience for an audience is intimate, yet full of spectacle.
But they may be intimate in the way that a married couple is intimate.
Intimate photographs of the civil rights leader and his family.
There is no more terrifying horror than the one that is intimate.
What was once considered intimate is now shared among millions with a keystroke.
They want dramas that are important yet intimate, stressing method and message.

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