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Anyone who has ever given a computer a command and received a response, intelligible or not, has used a computer operating system.
They deploy intelligible mainstream economics instead of affecting to discover new economic laws.
These apparent anomalies can be explained by intelligible logical physics.
Throughout, curry continued to shift shape, always prepared to alter its accents to become intelligible to a whole new audience.
The story of this accident has not been told so clearly or in such detail as to make it entirely intelligible.
Familiarity means these words are readily intelligible.
Yet now that same audio is intelligible and of listenable quality.
The prisoner seemed much affected and attempted to speak, but his remarks here not intelligible.
Only once this has been controlled for is it intelligible to compare policy impacts.
It would be pointless for me to respond when you can barely put together an intelligible sentence let alone a lucid thought.
His treatment was touchingly intelligible before running into trouble at the ramparts and the perilous fight.
Deprived of intelligible syllables, the theater critic frequently experiences getting-the-back-up symptoms.
The resulting voices were so bizarre that they were hardly intelligible.
That's about all there is to it in the way of intelligible plot.
She utterly refused to understand what parts of speech had to do with writing intelligible sentences.
Although she can't hear, she occasionally speaks intelligible sentences in a rough, loud voice.
The patent bar is a priesthood with its own secret dialect, intelligible only to initiates.
The result was intelligible, though somewhat robotic-sounding, speech.
It is sort of an amount of time that is intelligible and it makes sense but its not overwhelming.
Though occasionally the board spelled out intelligible words-usually family names-it gave up mostly gibberish.
The government can and should insist on loan terms that are intelligible to people of ordinary intelligence.
Still, it's not quite the same: for one thing, it's far too intelligible.
Even their screams of rage were mutually intelligible.
Whoever reveals anything must do so in words that are intelligible, and the matter must be possible.
It was the suppressed anger against his father that had composed these pictures into intelligible allusions.
But many things in the details of the dream become intelligible when regarded from the point of view of wish-fulfilment.
Some of these alterations are only the ejection of a word for one that appeared to him more elegant or more intelligible.
No sentence of any great writer is intelligible to them.
And much of the dialogue, which is frequently shouted, is only semi-intelligible.
She is usually amusing and diverting, sometimes sad and appealing, always intelligible and convincing.
He presented a diversity index, but the results are rather intelligible visually.
We're looking at human intelligible interpretations of the patterns dependent upon the inputs and parameters.
My own understanding gets a little fuzzy at this point, but the basic idea seems intelligible.
If the universe popped out of literally nothing, there must be some intelligible law that governed the popping out process.
His filthy mouth has never put out an intelligible statement.
Each town and village seems to have its own dialect, which is barely intelligible to someone from the next town.
Comment on a pocket calculating machine by which writers may test their writing to see whether is is intelligible.
His halting speech was itself a kind of laughter, not fully intelligible yet contagious.
Headings should be short but ample enough to allow the table to be intelligible on its own.
Discusses some of the processes children use in learning words and putting them into intelligible contexts.

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