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But you can't stay insulated here, because the penguins won't let you.
University presses used to be agents of the university, and were similarly insulated from the illogic of the marketplace.
Academia is filled with personal disappointments and perceived failures: no one can be insulated from them.
Also, the walks will probably be shoveled, so you don't have to wear insulated hiking boots.
Seemingly insulated from all harm, they became reckless.
The next generation concentrated solar plants will store energy by heating oil which is held in an insulated tank.
He showed that light could modify the wetting angle of a conducting droplet sitting on an insulated conductor.
The technique results in an array of transistors that have good electrical properties and are insulated from one another.
For additional warmth, they insulated the camera and phone with newspaper and put chemical hand warmers next to each device.
The warmed air traveled through a duct and across enclosed, insulated storage bins built into the walls of the house.
Vent to your heart's content to control moisture, but keep the pizza in an insulated sleeve, so that the heat stays in.
Its housing market was not insulated from the bubble, however.
Of all public officials, he is the best insulated from public and political pressures.
Consumers are insulated from the costs of their decisions and providers are punished for efficiency.
According to the article, you could heat a house with a candle if it was insulated with aerogel.
Normally, spruce-fir woods are insulated from fire by cool temperatures and soggy ground.
You're better insulated, skinny people always freeze.
From there the signals travel down an insulated cable, which ends as electrode-studded wires snaked into the cochlea.
These liquid salts can retain their heat for weeks in insulated tanks.
Presumably it's heavily insulated, which is probably why it's so big.
What people in academia don't often realize is that they are in an insulated world.
It was really the first time he was leaving the insulated bubble of friends and family.
The ice was buried under debris, and as the areas warmed, the ice was insulated by its protective layer of surface rock.
They're pre-insulated and already have hardwood floors.
The insulated outer wrap and lid means there's no watered down soda or lukewarm beer.
The machinery on the seafloor, therefore, has to be well insulated.
The magma in the chamber is insulated from the air, and geologists will be able to study it in action.
Those gases don't escape from newer buildings, which are well insulated and tightly sealed.
The beast's fame started to spread out of the insulated world of car-audio connoisseurs.
In spite of the fact that underground building would be insulated against the heat, it is insulated against the noises.
High voltage cables are typically insulated with special water-resistant polymers that have high-dielectric strength.
My adiabatic storage system is enclosed and insulated and heat flows by conduction.
There seemed to be a fog in my head that insulated me from pleasure.
Even if your home is insulated, small cracks can add up to big losses.
New houses tend to be better insulated, which reduces their heating costs and hence the potential for savings.
They typically consist of a rubbery insulated material sandwiched between conductors-for example, a pair of electrodes.
If intermittent operation is unacceptable, employ ceramic lined insulated storage tanks.
So they tinkered with the ash and developed a new core material for vacuum insulated panels.
Allow the monkeys to chose between three adjacent sound insulated rooms one with silence and the other two with monkey music.
The core of the brain-half its bulk-is comprised of millions of tightly bundled axons insulated with myelin.
They have good reason to take care of their coats-it helps them to remain waterproof and insulated against the cold.
They are insulated by thick hair, and their wide, fur-covered feet act as natural snowshoes.
Ensure that your mobile home is properly insulated to prevent heat loss, which is particularly important in older models.
Body temperatures were found to correlate closely with how well each tree hole was insulated.
Energy efficient homes are well insulated and sealed against air leaks.
Accordingly, even a building at code today can still use energy in excess of its leaky, poorly insulated predecessors.
Small tubes run through the collector, heat up and carry the fluid to a well-insulated collection tank.
Make sure your building is well insulated, so you are not wasting energy on heating or cooling.
It's fully insulated and fits comfortably and does not block vision.
Windy conditions reduce their efficiency considerably unless the oven is heavily insulated.
We are all overheated and sweating, stuffed into puffy layers of clothing and huge insulated boots.
The cells actually collected by the needle sit in an insulated safe zone and are thus left alive.
National stations have been more insulated, because they operate on longer-term contracts with advertisers.
The laws created an instrument that insulated its officials from any form of persecution.
Natural light hits the cement floors through opaque skylights in an insulated tin roof.
Now, as optimism yields to worry, they are less sure that the economy can be insulated from politics.
To varying degrees, both are insulated against volatility in the advertising market through subscription-based revenues.
Insulated from the reality of rising world prices, consumers guzzle more oil than if they had to pay full market prices.
Even with more advanced designs, poorly insulated combustion chambers can add to the cooling effect and thus to the inefficiency.
And they are better insulated from collective dismissal than any of them.
But when government gets power, that power inevitably gets insulated from elections.
Yet the company is not insulated from the fast-moving digital world.
They have been insulated from the consequences by low borrowing costs-but probably will not be for long.
It was perfect for the family and was so well insulated that you could shower for well into the next day from the residual heat.
Insulated leather hiking boots offer a good combination of warmth, mobility, and weight.
The foam insulated interior has a heat sealed, leak proof liner to keep your food chilled.
The winter months require insulated coats, hats, gloves and proper boots.
Always use insulated potholders to grasp the handle of the coffee pot when removing it from the campfire to avoid getting burned.
She serves her famous tamales from an insulated cart.
Purchase a diabetes carrying bag that offers different insulated nylon interior and exterior compartments.
The coat you select should not be insulated, but it should be comfortable and completely waterproof.
Cabins at this resort are available for rent year-round and are fully insulated and heated.
Make sure your plumbing pipes are insulated on the outside and are not bumping against solid framing.
They're all serving lifetime appointments, the advantage of which is that they're insulated from the political process.
If your attic is not properly insulated, add protection.
If the crawlspace is vented, the floor should be insulated and any pipes or ducts in the crawlspace should be insulated as well.
Since insulated duct costs much more than un-insulated, the recommended air velocity becomes a key factor in optimization.
Market survey for standardized medium voltage gas-insulated switchgear.
Most solar water heaters require a well-insulated storage tank.
Insulated cable handling tools are available for purchase that could be used in place of high-voltage insulating gloves.
Use barricades to prevent or limit access to work areas with un-insulated energized conductors or circuit parts.
Use an insulated bottle stored in an insulated lunch box.
Insulated sheathing rated for water protection can be used as a water resistant barrier if all seams are taped and sealed.
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