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Example sentences for insisting

He set the bar higher than anyone before him, insisting on climbing mountains by new routes or in winter.
But the surfers refused, insisting they were fine and had the situation under control.
Again, he committed the error of insisting that literary inefficiency must be accompanied by moral degradation.
Until the student is fairly sure that his problem is soluble, he gains little by obstinately insisting on solving it.
Conversely, the missus needs to be upfront about why she's insisting on access.
Brown begins his rant by insisting that mankind faces imminent food shortages.
But the energy company shills will keep insisting on it.
We are crippling ourselves by insisting on exclusive dependence on an increasingly expensive energy.
It lends power to the chorus of voices insisting that evolutionary psychology should be considered more a movement than a science.
It means insisting on asking the questions for which they may have no good answers.
His colleagues in the booth are insisting that it is blue.
He rose to the presidency insisting that process matters.
Before the financial crisis, he spent months insisting the economy was fine.
Moreover, they've been slow to meet new needs, instead insisting that they first require new state subsidies.
Intellectual-property owners can make the job much harder by insisting that the encryption be controlled by the hardware.
Also, the fact that he refuses to stop by my office hours, but kept insisting on emailing me is annoying.
We should be celebrating the human body, not insisting that certain parts of it are shameful and corrupting.
Instead, she began by insisting that everyone in the room be in the same place, together.
It is grandiose, always insisting that it is the best, or number one.
Nervous private operators are insisting on government guarantees.
Acknowledging a right to do something is not the same as insisting that everyone do it.
Hmm, yes, sometimes reality surprises you by insisting on being consistent.
Since they could not get us to voluntarily buy this stuff, they had to hide it, all the while insisting on it's safety.
You'd be one of the ones insisting that a new job was created for a glazier, ignoring the tailor's lost business.
Neither side has the edge on deciding and there's still those doctors and patients insisting that they benefited from it.
It's criticism of using a yardstick suffering from curvature of unknown extreme and distortion while insisting it's straight.
Some display the familiar intolerance of ideologues insisting on adherence to their beliefs.
No other poet has ever achieved quite this degree of alchemy, while gently insisting that of course alchemy is not possible.
The captain stalled, insisting that they scavenge the wreck one last time for provisions.
He kept insisting that it was what the public wanted.
Lately, though, some disillusioned youngsters have been insisting on eating elsewhere.
At this early stage, part of the trick to leading the pack is insisting that you aren't part of it.
Investors in public infrastructure are running into tight-fisted bankers who are insisting they put a lot more equity into deals.

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