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Example sentences for insinuation

And her insinuation that their looming extinction stems from internal rifts, not simply emigration, seems spurious.
The remark need not be construed into an insinuation that the work of last evening does not deserve to have larger audiences.
Instead, the brain files away a sea of clues, alert to the subtlest insinuation of a pattern.
But the insinuation that blame for this outcome should fall squarely on the shoulders of financiers alone is ludicrous.
But the insinuation goes beyond an error of omission: it involves intent.
The question is legitimate, but insinuation itself is a bitter pill.
It plays on stereotypes and works by insinuation and pandering.
Amid clouds of misstatements he relies almost wholly on insinuation and bluster.
And that insinuation is true, as confirmed by your friends who are part of that scene.
There does seem to be the long term insinuation that something could occur to the north of the railroad tracks.
After reading the record, it is unclear as to where counsel found such an insinuation.
But as this research shows, ones ability may be compromised by the insinuation of race.
Much of it hardly rises to the level of bare insinuation.

Famous quotes containing the word insinuation

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