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Delighted by the island chain's climate, informality and remoteness, the couple extended their stay to four months.
When a question is considered informally, the proceedings should be kept as usual, as the only informality is in the debate.
If ever in doubt what to wear, the best rule is to err on the side of informality.
But about twenty years ago the era of informality set in and has been gaining ground ever since.
These prices seem suitable to compete with its main rival in an economy with high informality and low income: cash.
The informality of the country makes it much easier for reporters to call high officials at their cell phones over the weekend.
Raised by parents who stressed individualism and informality, kids have grown up in a society that is more open.
The latest development in traditional decor is an informality in style that invites a casual rather than a formal way of life.
Even in a country known for its casual dress, informality has its limits.
Most of all, she exudes an earthy, likeable informality that few entertainers possess.
Yet they were partial to informality, whether in borders that were allowed to spill over, in flower arrangements or in letters.
He relishes the moments of staged informality that have become part of the script whenever grandees meet.
It lacked the informality and flexibility of smaller, younger companies.
Wherever the red tape is thickest, the result is widespread informality.
Indeed, the hallmark of the new alliances is their informality.
Increasing informality has had the effect of making it more difficult to be rude without being crude.
The wildly varying levels of informality are striking.
The informality of an arrangement may raise some doubt as to the existence of a partnership.
DL is a form of deliberate enculturation, but it is distinguished from schooling by its informality.

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The informality of family life is a blessed condition that allows us all to become our best while looking o... more
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