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Example sentences for inflection

In tonal languages, the same word can have widely different meanings depending on the inflection of the speaker.
But then, still a long time ago, another kind of inflection infected the verbs.
Their emotional transparency was rooted in the fact that each expressive inflection was joined seamlessly to the next.
He could change the thought behind the dialogue with an inflection-and make a scene come alive.
Then the slope rises ever more steeply as bacteria proliferate until it reaches an inflection point.
But rental markets are tightening and builders are already talking about inflection points.
Students find slopes and tangents, maximum and minimum points, and points of inflection.
And some officers find it difficult to say the same thing twice with the same inflection.
The final step of developing the census block curve was to determine whereto set the inflection point.
We are at a historic inflection point in cancer care and research.
Understand points of inflection as places where concavity changes.

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