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They are a valuable tool in studying climate, but also can be used to infer connections between climate and human conditions.
Scientists can infer the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere from the amount of organics in the sediment.
The new, more accurate estimate can be used to infer the proportion of all threatened species.
Paleontologists infer that whales evolved from land-dwelling animals, for instance.
From this one can infer that discrimination based on what language one speaks is against human rights.
They try to infer the best of our current knowledge.
From a detail of political etiquette, he could infer the incipient mentality of the totalitarian.
If it happens in the other direction, then you can infer that you were not the one who caused it.
If you are willing to infer a causal connection, the implication is that you're doomed to low wages without an education.
However, it is difficult to infer anything about a course based on whether its provider was accredited.
You've read into the quote something that you simply cannot logically infer from it.
He tells much, and what he does not tell he leaves you to infer, without risk of going astray.
One can infer from this of what the process of defense consisted.
The pattern one can infer easily across all of the knowledge gained about sleep deprivation is general health and lifestyle risk.
When fed a new piece of music not in the database, the computer uses that training to infer how a human would characterize it.
By measuring the photon, it's possible to infer the qubit's state and thus extract its information.
It's always dangerous to try to infer causation from correlation.
So scientists devised a test to measure the molecules-and use that to infer someone's age based on his or her blood.
To infer the light-source direction, you must know the local orientation of the surface.
Instead they have to infer the bush's branch points.
It is written to try to appeal to the authority and infer that if one disagrees then they must be unscientific.
But one could also infer that stable couples are more likely to marry than unstable ones.
From this you can infer-if, say, inflation seems likely to overshoot its target-that the bank is likely to have to raise rates.
Sceptics have never liked this chart, which necessarily relies on statistics to infer historical temperatures from tree rings.
My understanding is that a tipping point would infer a discontinuity in an otherwise continuous pattern.
But in its absence, there is no reason whatsoever to infer that someone is losing out because a price seems low.
From this, it seems, travellers are meant to infer the perils of failing to travel through to their official journey's end.
The science is there, so long as you accept that it is possible to infer causation from correlation.
It doesn't take much to infer that the police are doing much of the looting and robbing.
Admittedly, one didn't have to look far up their org charts to infer why.
The blue line shows what you can infer from the plain information of parental phenotypes.
Using the cultural patterns present in living hunter-gatherer groups they presumed they could infer the ancestral state.
Now give them a year to infer what they would have learned in integral calculus.
If the two had similar gene sequences for a gene that conferred the same trait, he could infer a common ancestry.
Using those shapes they were able to infer the colors.
We may infer this simply from the observation of those temperature maps.
Researchers infer the existence of cultural traditions by ruling out other explanations.
Readers would clearly be invited to infer a causal connection.
Evidence is sufficient to infer a causal relationship.
Higher values infer mid and upper level stability and also indicate a large melting area for falling hail.

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