incommunicado in a sentence

Example sentences for incommunicado

Its secret prisons, into which suspects are disappeared for incommunicado interrogation, remain open.
The leading political figures of the day were held incommunicado.
Lengthy pretrial and incommunicado detention remained a serious problem.
In these cases a judge also may order incommunicado detention for the entire duration of police custody.
The law provides for family visitation, but incommunicado detention remained a problem.
Several groups expressed concern over the situation of detainees held incommunicado, but the government did not respond.
There are no restrictions on the ability of the government to detain and imprison persons at will and to hold them incommunicado.
Lengthy pretrial detention and incommunicado detention occurred frequently.
During the year, there were no cases of incommunicado detention.
On occasion authorities held detainees incommunicado.
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