impertinence in a sentence

Example sentences for impertinence

It is an impertinence, and it is not likely to give pleasure.
The unities, the fictions of the piece it would be an impertinence to break.
One mark of a good prime minister is the ability to suffer impertinence with good grace.
With a touch of impertinence, teens top the tennis world.
Degas had sent him a letter of such impertinence that the falling out had been for good.
Where more than twenty interpretations hold the field, the addition of one more cannot be deemed an impertinence.
Thus began, with my shocking impertinence, my first lesson in network nervousness.
Inevitably, there was restlessness within the group, sometimes even impertinence.
If you do not choose to understand me, forgive my impertinence.
Advice in such a ease may well be called impertinence.
His discourse at such times was cheerful without levity or impertinence, and instructive without stiffness or austerity.
It was a peculiar and astonishing piece of impertinence.

Famous quotes containing the word impertinence

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