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And he became more and more creative as he immersed himself more deeply.
But they're so deeply immersed in their own heads that they can't see the world for their needs.
He was blowing on a plastic trumpet he had won, immersed in the kaleidoscopic whirl.
Lithium-ion batteries have two electrodes immersed in an electrically conductive solution, called an electrolyte.
Immersed in thought, this couple was oblivious to my photograph.
When you are immersed in a language, you usually choose to inhibit the other languages you know to function in that language only.
But for a week, all of them were immersed in ecology and ancestral culture.
The result of liquids being suddenly immersed in boiling oil is volcanic.
Perhaps it speaks to a time newly immersed in grief.
As a doctoral student, you're immersed in the knowledge of a narrow topic.
Virtual training, in which soldiers are immersed in a simulated computer environment, has proven useful.
Scientists often become immersed in their data, and sometimes even lost.
In controlled experiments, patients immersed in a virtual world experienced less pain than those relying on drug therapy alone.
She has immersed herself in career options for scientists and engineers.
They were bathed in bits, immersed in a revolutionary technology that the rest of the world is still struggling to understand.
Scientists know that bodies immersed in water for an extended period of time will lose their fingernails, toenails, and hair.
Each of us is immersed in a sea of radio-frequency waves.
Each time, being immersed in the crazy traffic with my cabbie so in control makes me laugh out loud.
Then the shreds are immersed in water with a small amount of the enzyme.
Not many countries in the world are currently immersed in significantly reforming their higher education systems.
No one who is not immersed and expert in a field and has become an expert in it is qualified to have a substantive opinion.
Gleefully, they spend hours immersed in their rampage.
We immersed ourselves in a new place with minimal interference from technology.
We have gone from lives immersed in nature to lives in which nature appears to have disappeared.
Right now, all but the upper extremities of the ship are immersed in mud.
The filmmakers immersed themselves in the world of the nomads.
Then, they should be able to pick it out when immersed in the midst of two or more conversations.
We were immersed in that surrealistic world and its mysteries.
But to me these images show something else: our shared humanity when we're immersed.
Picture a gamer, someone who spends countless hours immersed in one of those online role-playing alternate realities.
Since the entire video is in the language you're studying, you are immersed in the language.
Spend a day immersed in the wonderful world of chocolate.
Instead, we're plunged deep into another world, fully immersed in lives which are much more interesting than our own.
The chicken is fully immersed in the sauce when ordered.
When completely immersed in motherhood, it can be difficult to see outside of it.
Once there, he found himself immersed in the futility of bureaucracy-the aimless meetings and senseless doublespeak.
If you are immersed in comics than you are trying to get away from something.
But when immersed in water they worked poorly, if at all.
The new deed is yet a part of life,-remains for a time immersed in our unconscious life.
Remember that you don't dive to take pictures, you dive because you want to enjoy being immersed in an alternate universe.
At the same time the foreign-policy establishment is immersed in nostalgia for the cold war.
In engineering, for example, graduates were criticised for being too immersed in theory and not enough in practice.
On the other hand, they are less than fully immersed in a truly foreign world.
Her camera hews so closely to his world view that you become fully immersed in his sadness.
Even with billions of these behemoths ablaze, the universe remained immersed in darkness.
But immersed within a gravitational field, the only such frames are infinitesimally small, localized regions.
The deeper into a field you go the more you are immersed in it.
The maze is immersed in an alkaline liquid and a blob of acidic gel placed at its centre.
After a year in which several well-known charities have become immersed in scandal, you might be tempted to stop giving.
They're totally immersed in the community, contributing time and financial resources to many charitable efforts.
He said his chancery court work immersed him in the needs of families in crisis and the impact on children.
It took her two weeks to read it because she was immersed in another film.
It really helps me keep my head in the story to remain immersed.
It identifies various immersed tunnel types and their construction techniques.
Different evaluation percentages applied to liquid-immersed and dry-type.

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