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The message is that there is no moral stigma attached to illiteracy.
There is indeed an example of mathematical illiteracy here--to be found not in the daily chart but among the comments.
Almost all the comments about scientists and science show profound scientific illiteracy.
Our world is shaped by widespread statistical illiteracy.
Illiteracy may not be as much of a problem as job skills.
Don't blame science for the irresponsibility and scientific illiteracy of main-stream media.
Life expectancy is falling, illiteracy rising, crime rife.
One of the reasons that labor cost is so cheap today is because of the high rate of illiteracy and the high demand for employment.
Yes, this economic illiteracy really did take place in a deregulated market.
Television presents a potent challenge to newspapers in a region plagued by illiteracy.
And of course, illiteracy is higher in the supposedly dumber countries.
It would be better, some argue, to concentrate on eradicating illiteracy and providing basic educational programmes.
Sure, consumer hubris and illiteracy plays a role, but someone handed the blowtorch to the children.
Millions more are agricultural workers trapped in an inescapable cycle of extreme poverty, illiteracy, and oppression.
Not even sure how to respond to your level of illiteracy.
As a group, they have suffered from something that can loosely be called technological illiteracy.
It also suffers from illiteracy, patronage by criminals and insurgents, and corruption.
It was particularly striking to find such work in a remote village, barely a generation removed from illiteracy.
He discusses the policy relevance of scientific illiteracy in terms of global warming and biotechnology.
If that is the definition of illiteracy, then we're all pretty much screwed.
Those who want to integrate or succeed are held back by stereotypes about dirt, crime, fecklessness and illiteracy.
The western media are always the first to point out poverty, illiteracy, lawlessness in developing countries.
Even so, illiteracy still bedevils some middle-income countries and many poor ones.
Recruitment for these outfits primarily come through economic backwardness and illiteracy.
They read newspaper tales of undernourishment and illiteracy.
Illiteracy statistics give an important indication of the education level of the adult population.
Illiteracy is too deep-seated and complex a problem to be solved with closed captions alone.
Members will engage in year-long training to explore and understand the relationship of racism illiteracy and poverty.

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