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Example sentences for hysteria

This hysteria has to stop.
Winners will be determined by audience hysteria.
This kind of non-thinking and stereotypically-driven hysteria has no place among civilized people.
Passengers had described the scene as mass hysteria.
Nice to see that hysteria is still alive and well in our society today.
It just fans the flames of misguided hysteria.
You know there is no scientific foundation for all this hysteria, and you of all people should deal with the facts.
There's going to be a sense of hysteria.
Her only intelligence lies in the fact that she knows how to make money off of a combination of hysteria and ignorance.
If they go into hysteria maybe then they need counseling on what the tests mean.
The show exudes far too much hysteria over faux dilemmas.
Some critics in the twenties felt that popular hysteria over crime pressured the police into using the third degree.
To me, that line of argument smacks more of hysteria than of rational thought.
What has changed-aside from the degree of hysteria among parents-is the college-admissions calculus itself.
And that was part of what invited a lot of press scrutiny and a lot of the hysteria that ensued-but a lot of that was hyperbole.
It is a completely deranged system and it relies on permanent hysteria and coercion.
All the evidence for climate hysteria is based on climate models which have never been proven to correctly predict climate.
Hysteria needs a doctor or theorist, an authority figure who can give it a compelling name and narrative.
The sudden hysteria is perplexing, but serious concern is long overdue.
In the country at large there is nothing of hysteria or panic.
All confidential transactions are not crime or terrorism, despite the hysteria over security.
Both are obsessed with media outrage and trying to drum up hysteria where none or little exists as it helps get ratings.
Her psychic experiences they ascribed to hysteria, using the term in its medical sense, of dissociation.
By this time the hysteria was over, and nearly everyone concerned was feeling shaken and ashamed.
Stop your hysteria, and if you ain't tried it, don't knock it.
However, the hysteria around here has gone far beyond these reasonable points.
And more than a year in the making proves they are using our tax money to keep them in business by causing hysteria.
There is a strange hysteria around the horrible idea that our little ones may ever be exposed to anything even slightly dangerous.
Anxiously awaiting the hysteria about how the climate doesn't need to be saved.
Green hysteria has the upper hand, but the greens don't know anything about science or economics.
Please be more responsible and stop spreading hysteria and promoting junk science.
National media attention, with its attendant voices of hysteria, only added to the churn.
His plotting is full of funny, unpredictable moments but lacks the grating hysteria of the comic genre.
As parental hysteria has escalated due to anxieties, the actual data show that this is not a legitimate fear.
Amid the hype and hysteria of supporters and critics, here's what you need to know.

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