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For a popular president, it was an unprecedented humiliation.
Surely any real smoker would happily put up with such humiliation in order to get their fix.
Hazing depends on inspiring fear and humiliation by making people do dangerous, physically intrusive things against their will.
The ruling saves the general from the humiliation of having his fingerprints and police mugshot taken.
One caller expressed his humiliation at being pulled off a flight.
It was an unlikely triumph wrested from a moment of national humiliation.
At last, it is possible to relive the humiliation of childhood piano lessons all over again.
The college president may be berated for the humiliation.
And negatively criticizing somebody in the spirit of humiliation is not helpful.
They thrive on humiliation and find truth in naïveté.
He has been, humiliated, and his humiliation was brought about by supposed friends.
They were on it, demanding a refund, plus public humiliation.
They had not violated any law but nevertheless were put through the anxiety and humiliation of a public encounter with the police.
But his generals and fellow oligarchs vowed never again to suffer such humiliation.
He never recovered from the humiliation and died embittered years later.
He's barely out of his teens, so the humiliation and the frustration are still fresh.
They construct personal narratives of rejection and humiliation, and from this they draw their creative energy.
Those who spring too soon risk humiliation, firing, or endless feuding.
These have been the days of her humiliation and tribulation.
He gave that country ten years of glory and the humiliation of a final defeat.
For with any recovery from morbidity there must go a certain healthy humiliation.
And yet its tradition made her regard a marriage with anyone within her reach as an unbearable humiliation.
In the spoil and humiliation of their own order these individuals would possess a sure fund for the pay of their new followers.
Then followed the heartless laugh, the cutting irony, humiliation without end.
To prevent humiliation due to wetness or odors, people with incontinence may have to alter their way of life.
People had to navigate corruption and frequent humiliation, from being insulted by security agents to not being able to find work.
His joy at seeing her, then anguish as she witnesses his humiliation, is intense.
Punishments for this kind of offense included public humiliation, plus flogging.
Deep humiliation may spawn proposals for extremely radical solutions.
Humiliation soon morphs into relief, then wonder, then unabashed exuberance.
It's interesting that there's often an element of public humiliation to these declarations.
Public humiliation goes along way in dealing with behavior.
Many of his people were enraged by this apparent humiliation.
To make the humiliation complete, they recruit these executives as models, which is great fun for the rest of the staff.
After this unprecedented public reversal, bordering on humiliation, the government vowed to respond.
So bitter are some of his colleagues at this blackmail that one says a fresh poll is preferable to continued humiliation.
He suggests alternative punishments that omit the public-humiliation factor.
And continue to be made to suffer the humiliation for nothing.
He'd also subject himself to any manner of humiliation or discomfort in the name of his column.
Preparing him for the screen test was another humiliation.
In other words, not getting the joke is the crime that justifies the public humiliation.
The final kiss from her employer was intended as a humiliation.
No member of his immediate family was present to witness his humiliation.
Subscribers to the tracker theory offer two motives: money and revenge for humiliation.
Confined under siege for almost a month, she could not see an end to it, since every day brought a new humiliation.
Normally, patrons who weren't quick enough to escape unnoticed would submit meekly to arrest or humiliation.
There is nothing more human and beautiful than trying, whether it ends in triumph or humiliation.
Elaine had felt grief, followed by anger, followed by humiliation.
With the guidance of her entourage, she invariably made the wrong decisions, and the result was humiliation and conviction.
Add the humiliation of failure, and see that frustration and isolation are mutually nourishing.
It's possible that the junta would collapse out of sheer humiliation.
The thrill of obliterating an ancient humiliation, plus a little something else.
It's the suffering, the mean-spiritedness, the humiliation.
So he spent years cleaning toilets, enduring beatings and public humiliation.
Our entertainment now--the reality-show thing--is about watching the demise, humiliation and darkest hour of others.
But new proposed legislation could put an end to the tradition of debt collection by humiliation.

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