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The motion-capture data were then used to animate a humanoid avatar that was featureless and gender-neutral.
Humanoid robots can already run, dance, and carry on conversations.
Humanoid robots can help us to do it faster, because machines you can build millions with no limits and fast.
These aren't humanoid robots but computer controlled systems that have been optimized for use in sensitive situations.
There are plenty of cute, humanoid robots, of course.
The silhouette is utterly erect, arrestingly humanoid.
There is a prediction that there will be remnants of ancient humanoid cities.
Here is a video of her surreal interview with a humanoid robot.
And it seems that humanoid robots may make people feel more at ease than other designs.
Such language skills will be needed if robots are ever to reach their potential as humanoid helpers.
Today's crude humanoid robots already use gears, pulleys and pistons to mimic the actions of muscles.
The humanoid machines have been equipped with ball-tracking technology and responsive limbs and could.
Its humanoid robots can walk and run on two feet, sing and dance, and even play the violin.
Look at the pictures, the bone fragments that was used to recreate the humanoid is incomplete.
Laemmle's zany paintings of humanoid figures made of white birch logs.
And when he's standing up, that's when he's more humanoid.
Although humanoid in form, he has two hearts and almost-celestial intelligence.
Oh, and what about running into so many humanoid lifeforms throughout the galaxy.
These humanoid beings lie, manipulate you until the point of near mental and physical breaking.
These humanoid beings lie, and manipulate you until the point of near mental and physical breaking.
Recently, the media has covered a surprising number of new humanoid robots emerging on the commercial market.
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