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The divergence would seem to be in arts and humanities.
It offers a full curriculum covering the arts and humanities as well as the social, physical and life sciences.
What goes for ethics also goes for history, literature, the rest of the humanities and the social sciences.
It all comes down to humanities definition of scale.
Children and adults alike experience regional educational programs in the sciences and humanities.
Army would embed humanities types into fighting brigades.
Much of the concern about humanities publishing has focused on books.
Because science isn't about something being true or not true: that's a humanities graduate parody.
These techniques are biased against universities focusing on the humanities and social sciences.
The otiose debate among mythmakers belongs in the humanities department, not in the lab.
In that respect the chasm between science and the humanities still exists.
In school he was strong in mathematics but weak in social studies and humanities.
In the humanities this would count as routine scholarship.
The country's authoritarianism will also prove a limiting factor, affecting not only the humanities but the sciences as well.
Readers have been writing in to share their investigations in the spatial humanities.
For decades, the rationale for why the humanities are essential to the college curriculum were the same.
Collaborative writing is not as common as it should be in the humanities.
If you've been to a traditional humanities conference, you know what a soul-crushing experience it can be.
His family wanted him to study medicine but he fled to the humanities.
Here's what to consider before you pursue a doctorate in the humanities.
The humanities have no such reservoirs of confidence.
As such, lessons learned from math can help us understand the human condition, moving it into the realm of humanities.
Military history pierces the philosophical fog that often surrounds the other humanities.
One of your other dreams is to see evolutionary biology and the humanities come closer together.
Philosophy, social studies, humanities and sensibilities are what will be the common equalizer of us all.
Humanities struggles have an evolution of their own.
But philosophers, and other professors in the humanities, struggle to convince the world otherwise.
The humanities, including law and education, are left with the dross.
Contributions which still serve humanities to this day.
The postwar crisis in the humanities is indeed all too real, and needs serious constructive attention.
The bureaucratization of scholarship in the humanities is simply spirit-crushing.
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