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After a few weeks of maintaining the status quo, hostility by a subset of students reared its ugly head again.
Yet the prevailing attitude toward information about learning still ranges from infinite caution to outright hostility.
No residue of hostility remains.
Many of these tales are greeted with skepticism and even hostility from historians.
Many faces were turned our way, some in curiosity, a few in open hostility.
Two studies on hostility find that being a sourpuss is no way to live.
Your defensiveness and hostility have gotten in the way of any chance of actual communication.
There is a strange mix of both hostility and festival in the air.
United by a hostility to innovation, reactionaries create seemingly odd alliances.
Understandably, people's knee-jerk reaction is hostility.
If you had showed hostility, our shots would have come nearer to you with every step.
She has braved bullets and hostility to photograph stories of searing conflict and bring them to the world.
It's this hostility and resulting lack of organization among the groups that taints the holy aura of the church.
He has some dog friends, but when he encounters them on the street, he reacts with hostility.
The result may have been fear and hostility towards whomever stood in his way towards freedom.
Some townspeople made no effort to hide their hostility.
Time after time, its attempts have been met with shrugs or downright hostility.
Yet the company's official response to all this activity has gone from hostility to acceptance to vigorous support.
Hostility toward others can explode into senseless violence.
They were also more likely to choose to watch a movie with a theme of hostility over other options.
What's clear is the e-mails show anger and hostility.
The hostility, lab sabotage and tension, and slimy viciousness led to that student withdrawing from his doctoral degree.
The dog never showed the slightest hostility or bad intent.
At first all nations sympathized with us, but now they look on us coldly and even with hostility.
It need scarcely be remarked that these measures have not been resorted to in a spirit of hostility to other powers.
But no one shared his enjoyment: his silent companion looked with positive hostility and mistrust at all these manifestations.
If there is any wisdom left among us the first step toward hostility will always be an embargo.
Those actions created an atmosphere of hostility toward the press, and prompted the letter of censure.
Ability to maintain neutrality in the face of resistance, indifference or hostility.
But recently it has aroused fear and outright hostility from some professors and experts on cheating.
Students are feeling at risk both on and off the campus, as community hostility becomes palpable.
The hostility of a few colleagues highlighted the support of many.
That's particularly so when they don't powerfully denounce evil acts, or acknowledge the fear and hostility such acts evoke.
My experience is that people who spew that kind of vitriol and hostility towards other human beings are never joking.
Hostility may be the engine of humor, but the broadcast networks dread its snarl.
It simply means not accepting their hostility to critical scrutiny.
It's only seen as hostility and boorishness when the skepticism is turned your way.
They wait until they have tenure and are thereby better able to withstand their colleagues' hostility.
But when you try to meld the two, there is an incompatibility, a hostility.
At the same time, there has been way too much hostility and nastiness on the blogs.
The hostility factor mixed in with increased ridicule and contempt can go to far, blanket defense of any of it seems mindless.
They foster an unjust feeling of resentment and hostility and towards minorities.
The only exception is when people use their beliefs to justify violence or any form of hostility to other groups.
Not only is there the increasing rate of intertribal violence and the hostility of the north to contend with.
The firms have faced growing hostility, despite their offers to supply cut-price drugs to developing countries.
Meanwhile, the president's hostility to business has devastated the rest of the economy.
But the proposal has already run into fierce hostility, from consumers, opposition parties-and even greens.
She recognises the deep hostility of her voters to big fiscal transfers to weaker, more profligate euro-zone countries.
They argue that resentment goes with the territory and that extraordinary power provokes extraordinary hostility.
The two often form part of the same project, but diverting an entire river arouses still more green hostility.
The organised hostility to such behaviour has forced companies to change.
Environmentalists in particular were horrified at his company's hostility to land-use and clean-air laws.
Employees of neighborhood convenience stores and gas stations radiate hostility at white customers.
Coming when it did, it made me think that the earlier hostility had been more defensive reverse snobbery.
As an act of hostility or aggression, the denial of any vital resource to a nation is traditionally a cause of war.
She simply will not back down in the face of indifference, hostility, or outright violence.
Although this only increased the hostility in the philosophical community, the day was saved for the pure-text edition.
During their short stay, the detectives were welcomed without hostility or apparent suspicion.
But what started with hostility over time became less so.
His festive apparel seemed only to accentuate his hostility.
The issues are so contentious that it is almost impossible to offer criticism without appearing to imply hostility.
He also incurs the hostility of both mechanists and mystics and becomes a threat to the established order.
His own hostility to non-Arabs long predates the present genocide.
Hostility to the concept was widespread and blatant.
They may come into their own if the unacceptable costs of angry hostility toward outsiders become unmistakably obvious.
That's when an entire race of people only work for their own benefit through reflexive hostility towards the host society.
But the hostility toward immigrants extends far beyond the points of entry.
We've seen a decline in civility and bipartisanship, and a rapid increase in hostility between those who have differing opinions.
Chefs in both cities dismiss it as a joke, and maybe it is, but it's the kind of joke that hides a not-so-secret hostility.
After playing, students were rated according to their aggressive reactions and feelings of hostility.
Our society today has the unmistakable symptoms of inflammatory disease with violence and hostility at home and war abroad.
Identify methods for diffusing customer anger or hostility.

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