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He quickly suggested putting a hooked stick in each room that could be used to reach up and grab the metal hook on the screen.
Then he took the hook and softly, noiselessly, fixed it in the catch.
And those of you who live outside the hurricane zone aren't off the hook.
Briefly knead dough with dough hook or on a lightly floured board to expel air.
However, the first panel remained attached to its pole only by a single hook at the top.
Bandits are tiny bungee cords with a built-in plastic hook.
We'd still be on the hook for unemployment benefits, but that money would never be repaid.
The spear is balanced along it, with the blunt end snug against a hook.
The team also discovered that body size and hook shape were correlated.
They'll fall for anything out there and they did, hook line and sinker.
Humans are off the hook for some extirpations, but still suspected in others.
Each birdhouse has a hole in the back and hangs on a hook on the trellis.
But then the children grow up and hook up with people who also have hyphenated last names.
In other cases, they are on the hook because they have financed the purchasers of the loans in the secondary market.
Pistils can even hook you up with a local carpenter for a custom fence or gate.
Well, you do know that he's the sort to hook it up hook it up at conferences behind his girlie's back.
From a company's point of view, the earlier you hook your customers, the better.
One answer would be to hook up a persons cell phone with a gps.
Membership made the political elites feel they were off the hook.
Any decent electrician can mount generator and hook up the hardware.
Add the hose coupling and then hook it up to the garden hose.
First, you cut a hook from an old shampoo bottle and slide it onto the camera's neck-strap.
For a lady, by definition, cannot throw a left hook.
These loans cannot be easily sold and if they lose further value, as seems likely, the state is on the hook.
The investigators say drugs and tanning lamps might hook you through similar means, including peer pressure.
Caught by hook and line, hand-filleted, and packed in oil.
The other part is an adjustable webbing loop with a locking hook on the end.
Honestly baiting the hook or not the problem still is that the student cheated.
People of the world, get a grip and hook into the benefits of science and engineering.
It can make any politician's telephone ring off the hook.
At the tip, where normal penguins have a slight hook to snag prey, the beak in this penguin is straight and pointed.
Alone, the hook lets you immediately zip up to the tops of buildings.
When the government is unable to collect on defaulted loans, taxpayers are on the hook for the losses.
The major hook for the new app is a wealth of computer-animated dinosaurs.
The tallest member of the family reached into the tree with the hook on the end of a pole pruner and pulled the fruit off.
Ray went into his own house and took an overcoat from a hook back of the door.
From the plough-tail to the reaping-hook, and back again, is all they know.
The hook at the end of the stick was particularly well adapted to serve the purpose of a life-saving apparatus.
Had flung his golden hook down on the field of stars.
We leave to fish for piranha in shaded glades using a crude pole with a simple hook baited with beef.
Even whales killed with a perfect shot often float beyond reach of the hunter's hook and sink.
Breathable leather uppers and adjustable hook-and-loop straps add flexibility and comfort.
There was something else: a stainless-steel hook embedded in its mouth, trailing a long strand of monofilament line.
The hook-and-loop closure lets you adjust the fit, and the slip-on style is perfect for getting through airport security quickly.
After gobbling a shrimp-baited hook, however, the fish put up one heckuva fight.
Tent campsites range from primitive to semi-modern with water and electric hook-ups.
No campground in the park is equipped with utility hook-ups.
Sites that are available have basic hook-ups, and it is ideal for nature lovers.
Many of these are self-service, but the hook-ups are still available.
They describe it as a crucial marketing hook, a powerful incentive to enroll, and a key retention tool.
Whatever you choose to do, don't let students off the hook if their behavior was truly objectionable.
So what we're really talking about here is placing universities on the hook for the business costs of the real money makers.
Look for one with a locking lid and a hook so you can suspend it from a tripod over a fire.
Even some winners would be on the hook, if the jury award is much less than they had previously been offered in a settlement.
Taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars.
In this case, the rope was embedded so you couldn't really hook it.
Often attempts to hook up advertisers with users backfires.
And the top layer acts as a hook that latches on to a cell's surface.
But they say it should be possible to hook many more together.
Hook it up to a voltage and, presto, out comes light.
Each wire, which measures a mere eight nanometers in diameter, can hook a different prey.
The logic is that if glamorous images hook smokers, especially teenagers, then the ugly truth will deter them.
Taxpayers will also be on the hook for its administrative expensive.
It's all a bait and switch, though, because everyone is too busy trading up to hook up.
In addition to humor, cards require an emotional hook which leaves the sender and the recipient feeling better for the experience.
The pirates managed to hook a ladder over the ship's gangway, and one of them began to clamber up the side.
Recycling at home doesn't get you off the hook at work.
But instead the phones were ringing off the hook, with devastating news.
Hook up wires to capture the electric current and that's your solar panel.
Well, when these loops form a coiled coil, they spring up and drag the hook with them.
In other milkweed species, this hook attaches to the bristles or appendages of insects.
They even manufactured tools, bending a wire to make a hook to pull a bucket holding food out of a tube.
Nitrite, in turn, can hook up with food components called amines to form nitrosamines.
But you take it hook, line and sinker that he was even a he.
Now they will be motivated to find a way to hook up electrodes to the unborn to see if they get the same reaction.
It takes this kind of denial to justify the evil and deviance in mankind, and let's you off the hook for it.
Aside from that grammatical problem, you do need to find a new hook for that first sentence of spider stories.
To me that's the hook that is naturally occurring in science.
When something slides across them there's no hook for a chemical or physical reaction.
It would be fascinating to know what bait was used to finally hook him after all those years.
Someone can simply put in new circuitry and hook on a new canister.
Scientists have developed a new type of fishing hook to reduce the number of sharks accidently caught from commercial fishing.
Residents need a fishing license to take rough fish by hand, hook and line or to spear fish where allowed.
Hook the ball up against a tractor shed on the lefthand side of the fairway.

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