hippie in a sentence

Example sentences for hippie

We were setting off on a styling spree to achieve the latest fashion craze, haute hippie.
He went to a hippie type coffee shop where she was singing to see her.
There's the car dealer who tried to throw the scruffy hippie out of the showroom.
Others arrived during the hippie back-to-nature days, in search of nirvana and cheap land.
Turns out my evil, power-hungry tendencies are equally matched by hippie eco-lust.
It would be easy to dismiss him as a lovable, eccentric old hippie.
The new looks include the flat purse, the pouchy hunting bag and embroidered decoration with a hippie feel.
But it was worked into a modern, multicolored necklace with the gems hung on a hippie leather plait.

Famous quotes containing the word hippie

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The neo-hippie-dips, the sentimentality-crazed iguana anthropomorphizers, the Chicken Littles, the three-bo... more
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