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When you're looking for a needle in a haystack, best take a magnet.
In other words, the marginal utility curve of increased inputs into education is nonlinear and probably haystack shaped.
The needle-in-the-haystack hunt for the infrequent mutations was aided by next-generation sequencing technology.
The aim was to find a revealing brain activity that many people shared-a needle in a haystack of frenzied signals.
Needle in a haystack, as it were, except that you have only the vaguest of notions as to whether there's actually a needle there.
Anatase is always a trivial component a needle in the haystack.
It becomes more difficult to find the needle in the haystack, because now it's a bigger haystack and it's got more junk in it.
If you want to look for fossils, you're really looking for a needle in a haystack, he says.
The device had to be precise enough to locate a pin in a haystack, so to speak.
Finding needles in that cosmic-scale haystack will be the work of lifetimes.
There was a vague warning beforehand, but officials say it's impossible to spot such a needle in a haystack of raw intelligence.
Most of it is harder to find than a needle in a haystack, but it's still out there.
Both start with a heap of frisée lettuce the size of a haystack.

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Had she come all the way for this, To part at last without a kiss? Yea, had she borne the dirt and rain That her own eye... more
Needles in a heavenly haystack. There are more stars in the heavens than there are human beings on earth.... more

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