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In windy areas, a stiff gale can knock a flat hat off a cowboy's head, so he may prefer the steadier taco hat.
They protect their head with the hat from the bad spirits.
His head is crowned with a top hat, his face graying and sick with nerves.
They're more of a head ornament, which is sort of a modern hat.
My grandfather, for some reason, wore a hat to meals.
The hat with the fake bottom, which conceals a rabbit.
If your coat does not have a hood, then a hat is essential.
It might be alluring, but a rare flower hat jelly's lilac-tipped fringe can deliver a painful sting.
His eyes light up as he's describing something, even though to him it may be old hat.
They all have their own reasons for not officially throwing their hat into the ring.
But images of him exist without that particular coat and hat.
Finding the right balance, however, is where my other hat comes into play.
Poe is a magician who pulls lines out of his hat and then for our added pleasure explains how it's done.
They will apologise to any one at the drop of a hat to gain a benefit.
His suggestion that our universe may be a simulation run on the computer of an alien civilization is also old hat.
So only the ones that feel somewhat confident in their results throw their hat into the ring.
She then donned a pair of green spectacles and a top hat.
It's a kind of magic act that works best when a student pulls the rabbit out of the hat.
Every player submits three or so names of famous people or fictional characters to a hat.
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me.
Picture the hat on the left on the cactus on the right.
Stick a darning needle or a hat pin in the hole and wiggle it around to scramble the contents.
He had worked all his life in a hat factory, pressing caps.
In a world of exciting new technologies, stodgy commodities seem old hat.
Friendships are cheap when they can be bought by dropping the hat.
The hat symbol was familiar to me long before the patient related this dream.
And in the third scenario, the hat belonged to a third party.
Id say its something small, producing a convenient hat trick of coincidences before a rock comes in our direction.
It would be best to wear a campaign hat, a khaki shirt and shorts, tall socks and a neckerchief.
Typical for a government agency, all hat and no cattle.
The oatmeal-colored hat features textural floral accents and cozy earflaps that can be secured with a tie or worn flipped up.
Also, this notation can be expanded to three dimensions by adding a z-hat or k-hat component.
Gray hair mushrooms from beneath his gold-crested captain's hat.
My hat is off to the protestors whose blogging in the icy cold was great and unforgiving of those who tried to shrug them off.
Smalls dressed in the captain's uniform and had a straw hat similar to that of the white captain.
Start by drawing names out of a hat for city council seats.
Next election only city council names are put in the hat for county supervisors.
He jerks around wide-eyed and winds up as if to return the hat to its rightful owner.
He had a tricornered hat, and red and white in his coat, and epaulettes on his shoulders.
The core and the tempo of the music are provided by the kick drums and snare drums of disco, often without the high hat.
He always told me that he's always going to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
Haman, legend has it, was a bad guy who wore a bad hat.
The three area codes will then be written on index cards and be placed in a container, such as a hat, bowl or box.
Wear a fancy hat or borrow one from the restaurant for this holiday high tea service.
And he does not pull any startling new evidence out of his hat.
But you also want to make sure your hat is on straight.
Our subjects were asked to jog behind an experimenter, monitoring how many times the experimenter touched his hat.
He'll go and buy a top hat, and put the money in the hat and wear it.
While technically not an insignia, the ranger hat has become synonymous with the ranger service.
Comfortable clothing providing sun protection and a broad brimmed hat are recommended in summer.

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