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Inspiration often seems to pop up unpredictably-in the shower, on a long walk or even at the grocery store.
Growing your own salad greens trumps buying grocery lettuce any day.
Lines at the grocery store might become as obsolete as milkmen, if a new tag that seeks to replace bar codes becomes commonplace.
Counting calories today is as easy as checking the label in a grocery store, or perusing the menu in a restaurant.
Much of the discounters' success will be at the expense of small local grocery shops and markets.
It remains decidedly rural, with a few mom and pop grocery stores, service stations and churches.
Plan a menu of her faves, do the grocery shopping, and clean up afterward so mom is free to simply have fun in the kitchen.
Go grocery shopping, take the dog for a walk, and let the answering machine handle your calls.
If your grocery store doesn't offer plastic bag recycling, use reusable totes instead.
Orchids are springing up more and more in grocery stores.
No, not to the grocery store, but usually twice a year for graduation and other university ceremonies.
That's great news for grocery stores, its spokesman says, but not for struggling big-box retailers.
Grocery stores often sell pimientos preserved in oil, but the fruits are also good for eating fresh or cooked.
Most dads would simply suck it up and take perpetual trips to the grocery store.
Welsh sits in a small office, still wearing a neck brace, and tries to write a grocery list.
The baggers in the grocery store all politely called me ma'am.
Whole-wheat lasagna noodles, available in many grocery stores, add an earthy dimension and a slightly nutty flavor.
It seems that there is a vacuum in the aisles of my local grocery store, and it sucks up variety.
And chances are residents would have done what they could to keep alive the only grocery in town no matter when the crisis arose.
The lodge headquarters also features a restaurant, grocery store, and gas service.
The livestock and grocery industries use this as an excuse to raise their prices.
Now even something as prosaic as grocery shopping can display someone's financial and educational status.
Complete an invention search at school, at home, or at the grocery store.
Send people out to a liquor store or grocery store for more ice.
Although not mandatory, the labels have caught on in grocery stores.
Find honeycomb at well-stocked grocery stores and farmers' markets.
Nor, for that matter, do the restaurants and grocery stores selling it.
Ely also has many restaurants, grocery stores, and sporting goods outfitters.
Of course the major benefit is in fresh produce and lower grocery bills.
Or maybe you arrived at home and your grocery bag is empty.
Imagine walking into your local grocery store and shutting down their cash register system for a few days.
Let say you go buy the same can of soup at a grocery store in two different countries.
My grocery store even sells shampoo and lotion in bulk.
Many items on the shelf at the grocery story contain fructose.
It starts with a paper grocery bag, and ends with a bit of playing with fire.
And there are still residuals, such as when a poor neighborhood can't get a decent grocery store.
They fear that the arrival of big-box retailers will price the corner grocery stores out of business.
If anything, this recipe uses ingredients you can easily find at the grocery store and you can use natural dyes for color.
Most of them think food comes from grocery stores anyway.
All my friends want it as their second car to use as grocery wagon but want to see more of them first on the road.
So easy-no problem-less carting all the bottles from the grocery store and throwing so much out in recycling.
There are a few great grocery stores, and arts at the school are top rate.
She remembers world events and trips to the grocery store, the weather and her emotions.
Not in the same city, but in the same small knot outside of a grocery store.
He could make the reading of a grocery list entertaining.
So are sunshine, college football, and panicky raids on grocery stores at the merest hint of snow.
There is a bar with video poker, a grocery store and a carwash.
Miniature roses are available year-round at florists and garden centers, and in floral departments of grocery stores.
Plants are available this month at garden centers and grocery stores.
At specialty markets and even large grocery stores now, the selection is getting better and better.
Cravings and curiosity, rather than price tags, often guide what lands in my grocery cart.
She dug for clams, talked with seals, and went to the grocery store by boat.
Sometime later you would receive the grocery bill, perhaps by e-mail.
Confronting them are goods from branded manufacturers, which must pay for the privilege of appearing in the grocery department.
In grocery shops boys perch precariously on ladders to fetch jars from remote crannies.
Convenience is now the fastest-growing bit of the grocery business.
Without bats, farmers may have to use more insecticide, raising environmental worries and pushing up grocery prices.
In other words, rent and grocery consumption would fund healthcare, or education.
Encourage your grocery store to carry more plant-based alternatives to common animal products.
It had everything under one roof, from a gourmet grocery to high-end clothing and cosmetic boutiques.
Shop with reusable grocery bags, and keep an empty food or beverage container as part of your storage kitchenware.
Plus, creativity scientists have long known that our best aha moments often occur when we're out for a stroll or grocery shopping.
No one cares how you spell your text messages, any more than they care how you spell your grocery lists or party invitations.
The version of grocery shopping popular today has a specific name: self-service.
People don't go to the grocery store and stock up on food for two weeks.
Grocery stores enable people to not have to grow their own food.
So we're working to bring more grocery stores into underserved areas.
Grocery and retail stores euphemistically call it shrinkage.
But it turns out that students are susceptible to the same marketing strategies that grocery stores have been using for years.
These are foods that are available on the shelf in nearly every natural food store and many grocery stores.
Get your city to recruit farmers' markets, grocery stores, and other sources of healthy food to low-income areas.
Warning labels were put on grocery-store packages of meat and poultry.
Grocery stores gave out free snacks, neighborhood residents offered chairs.
All of the two boys' possessions fit into a pair of grocery bags.
Say you're in the grocery business, and feel gloomy about your prospects.
His displays cost him nothing, the materials are wood from grocery boxes, and cardboard from laundered shirts.
They don't have a grocery store, don't have a fire department.
He started in the grocery business and ended up a bank president.
Shade-grown coffee beans can be purchased at many grocery stores.
Others theorize that it was invented at a time when lemons weren't so ubiquitous in grocery stores.
Really, they'd prefer it if you did your grocery shopping in the freezer section.
It's difficult to find squab in grocery stores, and the price of the bird at restaurants is on par with lobster.
The grocery store is only used when absolutely necessary.
Now she brings the fruit in a grocery bag, and the bowl sits out on our kitchen counter all year, waiting.
The last thing anyone wants to hear while grocery shopping is some pedantic hippie preaching to them.
Grocery stores don't sell knowledge of good and evil fruit.
She would often sneak into white only grocery stores to buy food because no one really questioned her.
We aren't talking about a surplus of incorrectly disposed grocery bags.
Then farmers might change the way their farms are run and regular grocery store food would be cheaper.
He went to the grocery for his next stop and thankfully left his window down.
He strove to be the best and fastest grocery bagger.
He'd bought a tray of chicken livers at the grocery.
Most of us hardly notice the surveillance cameras watching over the grocery store or the bank.
Grocery stores require a broad range of workers, from those new to the workforce to skilled department managers.
Supermarkets and large grocery stores were used as proxies for sources of healthy and affordable foods.
Over the past decade, workplace injuries and illnesses have declined in grocery stores, while employment has increased.
Community-level comparisons between the grocery store environment and individual dietary practices.
Grocery diverters take advantage of differences in prices for wholesale grocery products.
Prices for goods in grocery stores are subject to frequent change.
Food sales from a delicatessen of prepared foods by a grocery store are generally subject to sales tax.

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