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Grisly evidence of these killings has been surfacing all week.
Scientists have discovered a tiny, one-celled parasite that causes a grisly and fatal infection in krill.
Lao villagers swap grisly tales of corpses dumped in the river.
But how and what, exactly, caused the grisly scourge has sparked a boxing match of sorts within the pages of scientific journals.
The odd thing is that the grisly tale has remained dormant for so long.
And several kinds of dreadfulness are handled with a grisly skill.
But the event already has the grisly carnival atmosphere of a public execution.
Yes, he declined as he became a kind of grisly icon.
So far there have been four such grisly killings and nine people have been arrested.
Surgical procedures can be grisly, but dissections are somehow worse.
If this grisly tale of body-snatching and indentured servitude seems depressing, there is a silver lining.
No one knows how they used the grisly cups, but it's clear that they manufactured them with great control.
But on reflection, one can see that the murderer gains a grisly genetic advantage.
The best vision of these grisly performances is to be seen in one of them.
One of the first items that came up was a particularly grisly prop: a briefly glimpsed dead body.
In earlier trials prosecutors have often had to show that the defendants were responsible for specific, especially grisly crimes.
But, since then, governors have stopped authorising such grisly punishments.
The grisly effects of large doses of radiation are now well understood.
Burial details performed their grisly task with speed, but not great care.
There are a lot of grisly and nightmarish aspects on this vessel.
Another mixed-media series, featuring barnyards and farm animals, hints at grisly facts under a veneer of false innocence.
It was quite a grisly site, but this is nature and this is the kind of scene one is bound to encounter sooner or later.
True or not the inclusion of this grisly story is best explained as a publicity stunt.
The tour was a grisly one as our guide showed us cells designed for torture.
We acknowledge that the autopsy photographs in this case are grisly.
While this grisly image might become the basis of epic disaster films, it is unsubstantiated in social science research.
The media was fascinated because shark attacks are sickeningly grisly and cosmically rare.
Click below to see a tighter, but more grisly, view of the scene.

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