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Grasp the similarities, and you can start to understand the differences.
In order to understand how this new technique works, it is important to grasp the basics of the human knee.
Understanding, in stark contrast, simplifies things so that everyone can grasp the issues.
But to grasp how they work, there are a few things to understand, first and foremost that they act as a single unit.
Our grasp on what is possible and impossible is purely based upon our understanding.
These have to be taught, but you don't say to students that they have to understand the elements before they can grasp science.
What you are looking for is a unique selling proposition that a customer can immediately grasp, understand, and appreciate.
But we're looking for clues that will help us understand bits of physics and cosmology that are currently beyond our grasp.
Plenty of them are leaving town, wanting as much space as possible from the ghosts and the day's enduring grasp.
The best way to help political evil's victims is to grasp why they are being victimized.
But alas few have the philosophy to grasp this small concept.
Now scientists are trying to get a grasp on the planets that have been found.
Tuck in bread, and you have a showy first course or main dish that's easy to grasp.
Also, it helps to possess a strong grasp of neuroscience.
But the bankers' testimony showed a stunning failure, even now, to grasp the nature and extent of the current crisis.
Every philosopher knows that a grasp of the key ones counts as literacy in the subject.
Yet their grasp of how the weather works in the rest of the solar system leaves a lot to be desired.
The purpose behind collecting such data is to get a better grasp of the outcomes for students participating in those programs.
We simply don't grasp how enormous the effect of small changes can be, even within our own lifetimes.
Here he continues to display his sophomoric grasp of science with these musings.
Anyone who has bats in his belfry will quickly grasp the concept.
Allow yourself to grasp the importance of these developments as they relate to mankind and you will have plenty of material.
Most seem unable to grasp the lessons of the last crisis, still less to anticipate the next one.
Notice how the hand preforms to the shape of an object before it attempts to grasp it.
On the one hand, it goes almost without saying that citizens should be able to grasp how their government works and for whom.
To grasp this trend, one has first to recognise that the world is exceedingly wasteful.
Here's our helpful guide to getting a better grasp on these web-connected sets.
Prior stints at technology companies gave him a grasp of the technical infrastructure needed.
The resources with which to grasp them are great, as is the determination.
But only recently have scientists begun to grasp how the environment affects the brain to produce psychological changes.
Wired asked five experts to share their grasp of the future of robotics.
Watch their faces light up when they grasp the full implications of what you are saying.
Perhaps a fresh grasp on the concept is what is needed here.
The sesame seed-sized, six-legged insects grasp human hair strands and feed on human blood.
But few have been able to grasp the risks of getting into managed care.
It really illustrates the concepts in an interesting and easy to grasp manner.
Not unless it's by a restaurateur with a strange grasp of gravitational laws.
With some mental effort, it's possible to actually grasp a sense of the size of the solar system.
Lots of people still don't grasp the concept of a liquidity trap.
His grasp of economics was hazy, but that of foreign affairs was weaker still.
And since each side is a mirror of the other, you really only have to learn one set of controls to grasp the other.
The generals were slow to grasp this reality, and the soldiers paid the cost of it.
The sheer scale of the solar system's largest anticyclone is difficult for a traveler to grasp.
It may take a physicist to grasp the full significance of this, the second law of thermodynamics.
His long fingers grasp the handlebars firmly, and he checks his balance.
The variations are infinite, once you grasp the basic method.
He has a historian's grasp of the period and a novelist's gift for character.
Opossums use their tails to grasp branches as they climb trees.
His team has a generally firm grasp of this voguish technique of food preparation.
Squeamish readers will already be imagining the horrific problems which arise should the clippers slip from my grasp.
What was moving her so deeply was her recognition that the country was failing to grasp how much it needs her.
Most advocates believe that it is inhumane to punish individuals who did not adequately grasp what they were doing.
In truth, she had by then a thorough grasp of the engineering involved.
The idea that options should be anything other than a cost has never been easy for simple folk to grasp.
Do you have any grasp on the extent your daily lives, at home and at work, depend on the work of engineers.
Again, it appears that some people have failed to grasp this point.
Moreover, knowledge has become so specialised that it is impossible for any individual to grasp the whole picture.
For whatever reason, she slips from his grasp and immediately begins to fall.
Look, this climate change stuff is obviously well beyond your grasp.
Have a helper grasp the outer door along a long edge while you grasp the other edge.
So many students seem unable to grasp the concept of plagiarism.
But many allow for a time of reflection until they can begin to grasp the meaning and approach it within a creative context.
As students and enrollment officials alike grasp for certainty in an uncertain time, the admissions cycle keeps spinning faster.
Think about the body's healing process and the technology behind self-healing plastics is easy to grasp.
Sometimes it has to wait until their mind is ready to grasp the concepts.
If all else fails, an octopus can lose an arm to escape a predator's grasp and regrow it later with no permanent damage.
Grasp the backbone at the head and pull free from the body all the way to the tail.
The cold stiffened our fingers, making them unwilling to grasp and haul on icy ropes.
It is clear he exhibits anti-social tendencies and does not grasp reality.
It is impossible perhaps for your mind to grasp that.
It's an unusually difficult concept to grasp for my academic generation.
There are always new layers of knowledge to be uncovered, deceptions to be overcome, and coherencies to grasp.
It merely means that a grasp of self-awareness needs to be a big part of the decision-making process.
As befits national politics, the selections tend to be broad in nature, with messages that are easy to grasp.
Grasp the shower curtain by its leading edge and gently pull until it is flush with the wall.
She may have slipped its grasp for now, but not for good.
Visiting back home, he found that one generation couldn't even grasp the other's challenges.
But he could not grasp that those frailties were more than personal-that racism had a structural dimension.
Nor, apparently, much grasp of the concept of mortality.
If policymakers want to reduce energy consumption, first they must grasp what people's current habits are.
His plastic hand is deft enough to grasp a wide variety of objects without damaging them.
But enabling computers to grasp these same concepts has been the subject of long-standing research.
But despite a lack of academic training in materials science, he is quick to grasp technical details.
What people fail to grasp is that hybrids are extremely important as a bridge technology.
It's difficult to grasp that fear: you have to live it and breathe it.
The orator has a high reputation for eloquence and intellectual grasp.
Democracy, it turned out, was not within easy grasp.
It is less intuitive to grasp that when a gas condenses to a liquid, heat is given off and the process is exothermic.
The one thing that seems consistent with you deniers is your inability to grasp the terms global and climate.
If you can grasp this by setting aside what you have learned, reality of everything will dawn.
Your comments do not reflect well on your your grasp of current events.
It's that their management can't grasp the concept that efficiency leads to lower costs.
Not one of those scientists will say that they truly have a complete grasp of the particular neural system he/she is studying.
To truly grasp the past present and future has all ready happen.
But they all seem to grasp with their tails, if those are indeed tails.
It's an easy-to-grasp yet hefty concept that provides satisfying answers to big questions with further investigation.
Many have repeatedly failed to grasp it even after they were shown the correct solution.
You're frantically copying and pasting and researching but you can't grasp such a simple point.
The names of people and places also remain difficult for the machines to grasp.
With a long-sought victory apparently in their grasp, they are unlikely to heed appeals for restraint.
Others fear that the new policy is too complicated for the public to grasp.
Companies that grasp these new opportunities, or provide the tools for others to do so, will prosper.
To grasp why big listed firms are different requires a bit of theory and some history.
Yet she is an abler politician who has some grasp of the pressing case for reform.
Few even grasp the need to nudge it towards domestic spending.
For example, the hands of paralysed patients have been stimulated to enable them to grasp and turn door knobs.
He is an ideologue, purist with no grasp of reality.
The traditional beauty companies have yet to grasp the opportunities in these rapidly growing and fragmented markets.
The tragedy is our failure to grasp political realities.
It is unlikely, he says, that they would allow the presidency to slip from their grasp after sixty years.
Any effort to grasp the nature of the experience they face is simply beyond reach.
But global warming is of such scale and magnitude, people don't have any commonsense way to grasp what the solutions would be.
Few had any grasp of what they were getting themselves into.
It had been hatched in secret by an egghead team that knew a lot about policy details but had no grasp of political reality.
The solution points the way to an objective grasp of the origin of ethics.
Only about six years ago did he first begin to really grasp financial concepts.
She also couldn't grasp the concept that the same side of the moon always faces us.
It is simply beyond your kin to grasp the concepts of reality.
It doesn't automatically make something easy to grasp.
The truth is infinitely complex, and no human being will ever grasp the full truth of the universe.
Nor could he grasp why his boss wouldn't give him free access to the accounts.
The challenge that apparently lies beyond our grasp is to prepare for them.
It's an easy concept to grasp when you're dirt poor and oppressed.
President obviously doesn't grasp the seriousness of fiscal situation.

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