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As school districts nationwide grapple with severe budget cuts, one sport has weathered the recession better than most: football.
Admissions deans grapple with the promises and pitfalls of electronic recruiting.
The government is failing to grapple with terrorism.
With both of these activities you can grapple with real rock and work your technique, without undertaking much of a commitment.
Below we'll update you on the approach and grapple as the process unfolds.
But now many companies are starting to grapple with this new technology's limitations.
Many mothers who take time off from work to raise children grapple with ways to balance home and work life.
Car sharing revs up on college campuses as officials grapple with parking and congestion.
Rather than grapple with awkward counter-evidence, the party tried to bury it.
After three decades blindly pursuing growth, the government is starting to grapple with the environmental costs.
The people of the world continue to grapple with the question of how best to combat climate change.
Steven's group also has to grapple with a number of other obstacles.
As governments grapple with deficits, the landscape of higher education will change.
Now they will have to grapple with these problems in what for some may be the nastiest recession in their countries' history.
For me, one of the hardest things to grapple with is the media's perpetuation of popular myths.
Recycled oil has become an increasing concern as the country tries to grapple with food safety issues.
Three simple lessons from the business world might help us grapple with this important topic.
For a senior politician to grapple with serious epistemological questions, and to do so publicly, is as commendable as it is rare.
The industry is doing its best to grapple with its problems.
The return of big government means that policymakers must grapple again with some basic questions.
Every opera company has to grapple now and then with withdrawals by important singers.
In meetings with managers and employees he must grapple with the struggling software maker's internal problems.
But he was forced to concede last fall that there was a gap in the proof, and retreated once again to grapple with the problem.
The new leaders who will begin to take over next year will have to grapple with the political consequences.
Yet the private-equity industry must now grapple with tough new challenges.
Moreover, its army is well-equipped and fanatically geared up to grapple with any threat.
Even when diabetes is kept in check, sufferers must grapple with near-daily fluctuations of glucose levels in the blood.
There are too many movement opinion-makers to grapple with all of their stories.
But there is so much else to grapple with now, little momentum seems left for that effort.
Though each country witnesses its own peaks and troughs, has to grapple with them constantly and fiercely.
The willingness of producers and the government to grapple with deficits in transport and management will play a big role.
Some people don't grapple with the concept of size and public transportation.
But the unwillingness of supporters of these laws to grapple with their effects is equally troubling.
Businesses are going to need tens of thousands of you in the coming years as companies grapple with a growing mountain of data.
While the world has begun to move on, the miners are beginning to grapple with the enormousness of what happened to them.
The idea was that a bizarre, highly personalized grapple with a situation led to truth.
The grapple is attached by chains to a spreader bar, which contains a diesel engine and a generator.
Students will have a chance to grapple with the notion of proof and decide what makes a solution satisfactory.

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When the sandpiper and the clam grapple, it is the fisherman that profits.... more
Religion engaged her feelings in the hard grapple she knew as love.... more
It is when we try to grapple with another man's intimate need that we perceive how incomprehensible, waveri... more
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