gradation in a sentence

Example sentences for gradation

The only illusion, if it could be called that, comes from the fact that there is a gradation.
There tends to be a gradation of these water sorted granules.
Within this narrow space, there is also a decided gradation of holiday tempo.
Tiny dye clouds form layers on the finished negative that reproduce with exceptional sharpness and gradation.
Certifiers have an intent to keep their standards high, but there is a gradation of standards.
The standard gradation can result in a gap-graded aggregate whereas the combined gradation produces a more uniform gradation.
Each gradation in the table is identified by number.
These gradation requirements apply regardless of the type of filter design used.
For each mix design, gradation and size requirements are checked.
Often, aggregate from more than one source is required to meet gradation requirements.
Test each sample for gradation and total asphalt content.
If the average of the five tests are within the gradation tolerances, then the materials will be accepted.

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