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Example sentences for goad

This is what she wants, what she's tried to goad me to all evening.
It does not matter if they were trying to goad you or not.
Let me try to goad him, then, into answering a question for me.
Having nothing to contribute, your stock-in-trade is to try and goad people by making things personal.
Godard said he did not intentionally hit Neil with his stick, but he did concede that he was trying to goad him into a fight.
Is that temptation that doth goad us on.
The goal was to goad the body into producing its own defenses against cancer.
With his long spear he drove the bulls before him as with a goad.
Regulations were the goad at first, but more recently some companies have made environmental performance a competitive tool.
Outside, a worker standing waist-deep in the raceway crowded the fish toward a hydraulic pump, using a broom to goad stragglers.
Advance became imperative under the goad of fear and suffering.
What happens in the picture and what happens in the paint goad each other to transcendence.
They can goad us into tactical errors and strategic blunders.
What the twentieth century requires is the checkrein, not the goad.
Goad said he recognizes that he, too, will go into harm's way serving with the division.

Famous quotes containing the word goad

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