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Print detailed illustrations of giant tree frogs and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Don your costume and strut through town with masqueraders and giant puppets.
Professionals quickly confirmed the sighting and started aiming their powerful telescopes at the gas giant.
Conventional wisdom says that forests prevent flooding by acting as giant sponges.
All these risk-takers see their environment, which is typically urban, as a giant obstacle course waiting to be surmounted.
The giant planet's moons were gnats, rather than gnarled landscapes of methane lakes and dusty geysers.
In the water you'd see a pretty hostile place, with lots of predatory fish with giant fangs.
The giant sea spider, whose long mouthpart sucks the tissue out of its invertebrate prey.
Then a giant machine sucks up the nuts and shoots them into the totes.
The rig's perforated red beams resemble a giant segmented insect.
All that's left is a giant scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
The giant anteater can cover its tongue with a sticky saliva to help it get ants.
The mystery here is how this swamp lover's giant leaves remain spatter free in the muddiest swamp.
Some consider the entire state one giant wildlife-watching preserve and with good reason.
Nearby, a stack of giant round metal baskets sits atop billowing jets of steam.
Yes, this giant, lush hedge of tomato plants are all volunteers.
Is it time to reawaken this industrial giant, to get government back within its means, and to lighten our punitive tax burden.
Compared with his successor, he was a giant every way.
The native canoe made from the single trunk of a forest giant is the craft that has been used.
The combination of tough and sugary foods helps explain why so many of the giant ape's teeth were riddled with cavities.
She then threads them through the sley, which resembles the teeth of a giant comb.
Serial killers and giant hogweed would seem to have little in common.
They can also watch instant replays, useful when some plays are not shown on the giant screen.
Such a moonlet would have collided in a giant splat against the main moon billions of years ago.
Giant clusters of galaxies consist of two observable components.
View a gallery of exclusive pictures of the giant catfish.
Giant, or green, anacondas are the largest snakes in the world today.
Possibly because someone stuffed giant arrows into the toilet.
It has avoided the fate of many other companies as they grow: becoming a lumbering and bloated giant.
Instead it opted for a simple exhibit that resembled a giant showroom.
It's a giant muscle and it can be cooked similar to a steak, from grilling to tartare.
In the future, a giant meat grinder will smash up books and electricity will put them in your brain.
Parliament resolved to build a new home for itself, complete with a giant tower.
It's a giant, screw-shaped coffin into which are loaded your expired meat and bones, ready to be twisted into the ground.
There's something about a giant gadget that dispenses cold beer that inspires people to extremes.
Others worry giant companies are taking over the world and making it impossible for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed.
Then came the airline flight that exploded in a giant fireball against the south tower.
In the steam era a giant engine powered a central rotating shaft, and machine tools ran off pulleys in long linear factories.
Machinery of the court system has halted the giant shoe for a couple of months.
In some respects, texting is a giant leap backward in the science of communication.
Fiction is one giant pseudo-statement, a fact-checker's nightmare.
They merely see the giant lashing out, often in ways that make an already horrible situation worse.
The retreat of the giant corporations and conglomerates is creating the opportunity for fresh structures to emerge.
And the jury's still out on what kind of metabolism the sauropods and other giant dinosaurs had.
Giant oyster reefs there have long since been harvested, as have the menhaden.
The cult's founder apparently believed that the universe was a giant computer.
At the moment there is no universal agreement on how to distinguish brown dwarfs and giant planets.
The winning partner will forgo the lab's shaker flasks and hot plates in favor of giant vats.
But also, that giant circular feature is really interesting.
Cacti must be mowed down and local wildlife displaced to make room for the giant mirrors that will essentially carpet the desert.
The online giant hopes it's created the ipod of digital books.
Search giant compresses the time frame of its results from minutes to seconds.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
The technology-from self-monitoring power lines to giant transistors-is ready to go.
Giant genomic studies of the ocean have found that the rhodopsin system is surprisingly widespread.
To them, the world is one giant social network in which they can play games or work with anyone, anywhere.
The search giant also said that it is trying to provide better real-time data in search results.
Giant hogweed seeds are easily windblown or carried by water and spread to new areas.
Last year at this time there were dire warnings of the giant blizzard coming.

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That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.... more
A stirring dwarf we do allowance give Before a sleeping giant.... more
This whole moment is the groin Of a borborygmic giant who even now Is rolling over on us in his sleep.... more
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