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Nobility and gentry were allowed to ride the coaches, but not soldiers and peasants.
Their upbringing was a conventional one of landed gentry with insufficient means.
So, not by chance, have other old sports practised or patronised by the gentry.
He discovered that he had invented a gentry almost as cynical as he was himself.
Meanwhile the traditional landed gentry were themselves becoming increasingly drawn into the world of commerce and finance.
But in booting out the landed gentry, it also ditched many of those who came from the provinces.
The movies of the nineteen-thirties taught him about penthouse life and the quainter locutions of the gentry.
The first suburbs bore those same pretensions of a broad gentry.
Cars meant for the gentry usually provide a decorous mode of travel, valuing restraint above all.
Born into the landed gentry, he worked as a civil servant while writing and editing for radical journals.
The gentry could provide much of the cost, or parish authorities.
The gentry who pressed him to their houses and who were all convivial have much to answer for.
The gentry who are after me are pretty bright-eyed citizens.
He thus belonged to the gentry, and it seems likely that he entered the church more as a profession than a vocation.
Westchester had been favored by the country gentry in colonial days and still cherished aristocratic traditions.
During the following century, the strengthening of the gentry and internal disorders weakened the nation.
But all, gentry and commonalty alike, rode equally well and with the same skill and fearlessness.
The latest racket to be exploited by the cinema is that concerned with the gentry who undertake to search for missing heirs.

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