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When it comes to the impact of farm antibiotics on human health, there's a data gap.
It used to be the credibility gap that afflicted politicians.
Piles of studies fill the cavernous gap between the have and have-nots in this country.
But in his own world there was no gap between the two.
He wedged his camera through the gap and took the only picture possible.
But the realities of the new gender gap are nothing to celebrate.
Someone has increased the tooth gap between the right and lower gear, undoubtedly because of the criticism.
They usually had one wider gap to serve as an entrance.
That's not nearly fast enough to significantly close the knowledge gap.
Video gaming may eliminate the gender gap in spatial skills.
Volcanoes sizzle as magma, or molten rock, oozes into the gap.
US civilian polar orbiter coverage might suffer a gap of four years or more.
And the resulting gap had allowed a major problem to go unsolved for the better part of a century.
Thus, widening the gap between humans and our wild cousins.
But that gap shrinks, and often reverses, when the endowments are measured on a per-student and per-scholarship-athlete basis.
Virtually all of our long-term fiscal gap is due to policies that have not been recorded in the deficit.
Every moment that our voices remain silent widens the gap between being human and being humane.
More education, as it turns out, did not narrow this gender gap.
Extraterrestrial life represents an enormous gap in our knowledge of nature.
The other gap that it said must be plugged is in funding to help developing countries adapt to climate change.
These melancholy rosters highlight the gap between the grand claims of developers and the cold reality of market arithmetic.
By those standards, they should be chastened by the budget gap and the high unemployment rate.
For many years paleontologists still had one gap in their story of how humans conquered the world.
Yet her youthful optimism that this gap could be bridged is one reason her island paintings are so powerful.
Occasionally a gap is visible between the clavicular and sternal parts of the muscle.
But something, some sudden flickering of the blood, forced him to his feet and he made his way through the gap in the wall.
Until they finally parted it seemed impertinent for even a gap of space to come between them.
The recession has also magnified the gap between unionized and non-unionized workers.
The quality-measured by how often those papers were cited-had not grown as fast, but that gap is shrinking, too.
But in some countries inspiration is falling into the gap between soaring speeches and concrete action.
The new dino helps scientists to bridge a gap in their knowledge of where sauropods came from and how they evolved to be so large.
There is a yawning gap of sky nearly a billion light-years across that contains no matter, a new study suggests.
Perception increases to fill the gap vacated by the senses and gives rise to powerful hallucinations.
The soldiers step aside, and you drive through the temporary gap in the wall.
Predator control is too often a stop-gap solution to address problems created by human manipulation of the environment.
Nonetheless the gap with nature is gradually closing.
The orcas rapidly closed the gap to the dolphins and rode alongside our vessel, sometimes leaping next to us or bow-riding.
Although politicians have long been aware of this gap, government efforts to tackle it have accomplished little.
It's really a gap between putting things in boxes and not putting them in boxes.
The yawning gap between blacks and whites persists across demographic lines.
In order for a bag full of water to bridge a gap it must have some structural integrity.
Of course, there is a big gap between theory and practice.
The two sides might yet close the gap on a timetable.
Whatever the reasons, the differential nature of the rebound has opened a big valuation gap between the countries.
They consider inflation's principal determinants to be the gap between aggregate supply and demand and the public's expectations.
The gap between the exam results of rich and poor children shows no sign of narrowing.
The growth gap between the two has never been wider.
There are many companies moving to fill the energy gap.
For example, he bridged the gap between mental disease and mental health, seeing the same unconscious mechanisms at work in both.
Hopefully they will bridge the gap between different operating systems next.
These gap filling dark matter equations seem to resemble another type of dark matter to me bovine fecal matter.
It's becoming apparent to me that there is a widening gap between scientists and the journalists that report on science.
As a scientist, this credibility gap negatively taints our work to the population of non science adept readership.
Mine the methane held by coal as a stop gap source of energy.
And that salary gap, if anything, understates the matter.
Often that's done by identifying a gap that needs to be filled.
On the other hand, that may leave you with a significant gap.
They also found a substantial gap in tone and in the complexity of words being used.
It's easy to be sickened by the garish gap between corporate profits and unemployment.
Eventually the gap between reality and its false interpretation becomes unsustainable, and the bubble bursts.
Unless the gap is closed, the global capitalist system will not survive.
Meanwhile, consumers are cranky, the trade gap is gaping.
It had rained during the night, so the river dashed ferociously through the gap.
Unless the gap is closed, he argued, the global capitalist system will not survive.
In short, the gap between the park bench and the expanding universe-always smaller than it seemed-is getting smaller.
Over time, all the particles in that orbit are gone, leaving behind a gap.
In sign language, the gap between word and sentence can be bridged naturally in a single sign.
One argument in favor of making them more humanlike is this widening gap between humans and technology.
Other scientists have suggested that this gap in timing explains why teens are so prone to risky and impulsive behaviours.
It's a textbook that helps bridge the gap between high school and college level mathematics.
We have unquestionable objective science for both, and almost zero for the gap.
Then when a gap opens up and sun floods in, it will grow with astonishing speed.
We wanted to bridge the gap between listening to people talk about science and actually experiencing it in a natural setting.
And once that gap starts to narrow, the squeeze is inevitable.
So it is often a hair-thin gap between raw sequence and interpretation.
It's a tie between the gap-toothed grin framed with big ears and the round-shouldered, bowlegged slouch.
As he famously says, he tries to act in the gap between art and life.
Computers threaten to widen the gap between the rich and poor.
It is kind of a bug fix to the semantic gap problem.
The remaining gap will probably be filled by renewable energy sources.
It might be possible to have a gap in space which will begin the collapse of our universe.
The famous credibility gap, which has been with us for six long years, has suddenly opened up into an abyss.
The gap between our economy's need for functioning infrastructure and what is being invested in it has aroused much concern.
One problem, from which many individual homebuyers suffered, is a straightforward gap in existing regulation.
He was, perhaps, one of those rare people for whom there is no real gap between conviction and practice.
The model could not work if conceived only as a stop-gap.
To close the gender gap on campus, college and university admissions officers often favor boys.

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