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Still, here was the author's attempt to allow opposites-peril and bliss, furtive lovers and traditional family-to harmonize.
The reasons for his action have been lost in a confounding tangle of furtive transactions and deliberately destroyed evidence.
My furtive hour-long expeditions gave way to daylong escapes.
Every office encounter includes a furtive glance at the papers left out on a desk.
But soon these furtive maneuvers might not be necessary.
The nature of her occupation kept her to furtive corners and the dark side of streets.
He had grizzled hair, and a certain uneasy, half-furtive look about the eyes.
It was in every pair of eyes that met other eyes in furtive roving.
Entrapment has long been a factor in the enforcement of vice laws, which seek to punish behavior that is furtive and widespread.
While the relationship was private, it can hardly be called furtive or clandestine.
But that was not why fishermen were giving him furtive, curious glances.
The sailors give furtive looks to the visitors but remain silent.
The doublespeak was all about the great achievements, but the fearful glances and the furtive discussions told a different story.
And their furtive huddling and divided sympathies do hold some perceptive ironies on human behavior.
And it is true that she has not had recourse to any of these isms to render the murkier, more furtive moral climate of our day.
Their exquisite summer affair coarsens into a series of furtive clandestine meetings.
Last season's ending was pyrotechnic, furtive, dramatic and fraught.
His eyes are furtive, feral and rimmed with deep circles.
Here, appellant's furtive movements and unwillingness to keep her hand out of her pocket warranted a protective pat-down search.
But he was not seen placing it back there, nor was he seen making any furtive motions whatsoever.
They are always lean, hungry and vicious but so furtive and swift they are rarely seen.
Remember, the officer doesn't know who you are at this point and may feel threatened by any furtive movements.
He refused commands from officers, made several furtive gestures and was subsequently shot by one officer.
He then observed the nervous behavior and the furtive gesture under the seat.
These earliest mammals were small, furtive creatures.

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