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Freak deals usually turn into guessing games from which little can be learned, but occasionally one has instructive elements.
Freak floods are threatening lives, homes and crops.
The blades need to be placed high enough that they will not break the waters surface even in a freak wave condition.
Big swells and freak waves are washing over the island more frequently.
Every now and then, some nonhuman freak comes along to mesmerize movie audiences.
Caveat: unless by some freak event they suddenly decide to take one of my courses next year.
Canadians have not warmed to him: he comes over as a bloodless control freak.
Chaos theory by definition cannot predict freak events.
When companies have unintended inventories, they freak and freeze.
And figures released last month show that this was no freak.
It wasn't until the report came out that it began to freak me out.
Any freak in a costume can sling webby wrist goo or pilot an invisible plane.
Lenders that worry about borrowers financial position freak out when the borrowers bring on more debt.
We usually freak out at the idea that computer algorithms might tell us what to do.
For, in the language of today, he is a control freak.
It's outgrown its space, and the runways still freak me out.
Instead they'd turned her into a freak show at the county fair.
Habitually disinfecting things can freak people out.
So don't go looking for freak accidents of nature to derail that calculus.
Don't freak out whenever the market moves up or down.
But the press forgot to tell other polar nations to freak out.
My personal opinion is that he's a control freak and can't stand dissent or folks disagreeing with him.
And the best thing you could do for these online braggarts would be to freak out.
The law may in a mad freak say, that all shall have power except the owners of property: they shall have no vote.
They delight in a freak as the proof of their sovereign freedom.
He's been dead for a decade, killed in his prime by a freak accident.
If they came up with any conclusion other than that they are a complete freak, there would be reason to worry.
Any of a number of freak scenarios-an earthquake, a tornado, a heavy snow-could bring it crashing down.
But the students would freak, and my grading load would be a nightmare.
As it turns out, however, he is both generous in answering questions and not a control freak.
He died the following year, in a freak accident on a beach.
Exacting standards-it seems fair to term him a control freak-evidently made him a poor team player.
He was a control freak, who created a proprietorial cash cow, while convincing his exploited customers that he was a saviour.
But some freak coincidence looks ever more unlikely.
It has, for instance, turned him into something of a control freak.
Colleagues describe a nocturnal control freak with a stubborn streak.
It is still too early to tell whether the crash was an unpredictable freak accident or the product of systemic negligence.
It was never more than a freak period due to wartime conditions artificially prolonged.
Or you let everyone in your movement fly their freak flag and live with the consequences.
To others, the episode was not a freak exception to the greatness of sports.
It's an amusing trip down memory lane, complete with a robotic pimp and cheesy kaleidoscopic freak-out scenes.
These can range from the freak show to folk drama to tableau and beast-plays.
Some speculate that the disturbance could have sparked the aquatic mammals' freak-out, but other scientists aren't convinced.
Between embryos and chemicals, perhaps a protective parent freak-out was inevitable.
Accelerating and rotating frames of reference are not legitimate, you freak.
He doesn't have to have had all the mutations necessary for a tapetum in one freak mutation.
He was a single-minded all-city-linebacker health-food freak.
In this one respect he perhaps was not a total freak.
He's seen the waters rise since then-freak floods that are no longer freak, normal high tides pushing higher and higher.
Electrical communications have made carriers, with freak exceptions, obsolete.
It was a freak injury that had the vets scratching their heads.
At the time, all of these events were described as freak occurrences.

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