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He captured pictures fostering appreciation of both the beauty and fragility of the seas.
And those who were genuinely interested in fostering friendships tended to react in healthful, positive ways.
Unstructured playtime is critical to learning problem-solving skills and fostering creativity.
Part of the poetic vitality of the fifties, as you say, was shown in their fostering of ambitious undertakings in translation.
Technology is fostering and cultivating a younger audience.
In an age when ideas are central to the economy, universities will inevitably play a role in fostering growth.
Video games have taken a lot of heat lately, blamed by some for triggering violence and fostering sedentariness.
Even small amounts of antimicrobial compounds can have adverse effects by fostering antibiotic resistance.
We do need time to misunderstand each other, especially when fostering lost dialogue between humanities and natural sciences.
Fostering such resilience will be the key to adapting to climate change, he says.
Such courses provide a real-world learning experience geared towards fostering future career choices and graduate decisions.
If things evolve because of environmental pressures fostering changes, than how does evolution explain the human brain.
They are really creating networks and fostering progress.
Fortune and fame can be fleeting, and if you pursue them above all else you are fostering unhappiness in your life.
But fostering the key stages in the development of a new technology requires attention to detail.
Instead, he thinks that one transgression was actually fostering another.
But by fostering more innovation, carriers' networks could get more valuable, not less.
Technically speaking, online social-networking tools ought to be great at fostering these sorts of clusters.
We are in the process of really reconnecting with people and fostering better information exchange.
So we'll fatten lawyers with a fortune that could be spent fostering and distributing creativity.
Their mission: impose discipline while fostering growth.
As the network spreads, it is fostering both the universality and the individuality of human discourse.
In the past few years, we've been hearing a lot of talk about fostering creativity, on campus and in society.
Teaching critical thinking and fostering intellectual well-roundedness are important goals, but too general and self-serving.
But that group can play a key role in fostering good will toward a college.
Higher education, she wrote, is not about delivering a commodity-a university degree-but about fostering public good.
The successful candidate will be an active scholar, interested in fostering undergraduate research.
It can offer the sense of short-term accomplishment that the tradespeople here speak of, while fostering intellectual development.
Other academics have accused the government of inflating its progress in fostering access to higher education.
It begins with fostering a culture of intellectuality in all places in this country.
Academics, as well as those outside academe, should invest in the process of fostering interdisciplinary conversations.
When it comes to the fate of academic freedom, don't count me in for fostering such a radical change.
Fostering airport development to expand the local economy isn't a new concept.
In a common practice, she is hired out to a farmer for fostering.
Meanwhile, record-high house prices in many countries are fostering worries of a house-price tumble.
Success in fostering economic links and lowering political and military tensions will be a main campaign platform.
Two suggest they are functional-either serving to attract mates or fostering social cohesion and thus collaboration.
The authors expect these social networks to grow far more adept at fostering connections between people with similar interests.
It included a grand strategy to sap the rebels' support, by fostering democracy, land reform and civil rights for all.
And since fostering is informal, orphans usually enjoy fewer legal rights than other children.
The proceeds were invested cannily, in fostering new industries and infrastructure.
Regulators can also help by fostering cheap mobile access.
But lower corporate taxes ought to benefit everybody, by fostering investment and growth.

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