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Always try to say something positive to a student even when they're flat out wrong.
Make the folds sharp and flat by running a stiff ruler over them to smooth.
Scientists have found a way to trick the body's senses into thinking a flat surface is actually sharp or pointed.
The polite packer helping to direct traffic in our apartment told my husband he had helped move us into our flat three years ago.
To explain their lateness, they tell the professor they had a flat tire.
Managers who believe the hype of a flat world do so at their own risk.
The flat form means that these can be stacked and shipped cheaply, and simply twisted and screwed to the wall upon arrival.
Investors probably have no option but to ride the wave, if only because the outlook for developed markets looks so flat.
In windy areas, a stiff gale can knock a flat hat off a cowboy's head, so he may prefer the steadier taco hat.
If you look carefully, you will notice that the relatively flat bottoms of clouds are always a little grayer than their sides.
There's something surreal about seeing flat gray parking spaces transformed into a tiny universe.
Now that flat screens are so popular, the question is how to hide these wall-mounted units when they're not in use.
The part of the molecule that rotates is actually much closer to a large, flat plate.
The flat coastal plains of the south give way to valleys, then hills and mountains toward the middle and north.
Flat taxes can be regressive because the marginal benefit of income faces diminishing returns.
Their elongated faces leave plenty of jaw room for the large, flat teeth necessary to chew their vegetarian meals.
These wafers must be flat varying no more than one-hundredth of the thickness of a human hair.
It has been flat for decades, reflecting the slowing of population growth.
But observations show the universe appears flat in all directions.
Chemists have created prototype batteries that run on any sugar solution, including juice or flat soda.
Herbivores preferred flat bones-such as tibias, mandibles and ribs-that they could more easily hold in their mouths.
Flat basal rosette spreads rapidly by underground runners.
To inch along over coral and rocks, they use a flat muscle on their underside, called a sticky foot.
In general, seamounts have wider bottoms and steep sides with flat or collapsed tops.
It is about a foot and a half high, light brown and round with a flat top.
Flat in the west, it rises to high mountains in the east.
The light-colored flat areas are probably craters filled in by dust.
If you have a not-too-huge flat lawn, maybe it's time to move over to a electric mower.
Trees in broad-leaved forests have wide, flat leaves.
Make some parts flat and give others hills or mountains.
Watch a piece of charcoal catch fire and see what happens when a cube of gelatin is dropped on a flat surface.
We share a long, flat town-house roof and a single facade with eight neighbors.
Neighborhood kids come over to play all the time because our yard is more interesting than a flat boring lawn.
Several copies were lying flat amid a long line of similar books along the edge of the table.
His broad face, with its flat nose and tiny eyes, was recognized everywhere.
The word tablet used to refer to a flat slab for bearing an inscription.
Teaching techniques that work in one course fall flat in a different one.
Four bricks suffice, and they work well because they're flat and compact.
Both of these are quick and easily mounted, and fold flat to fit in a bag.
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
Tablets have been tried before, with similar fanfare, and have fallen flat.
Solar on large flat commercial roofs in every neighborhood is cheap.
Tends to branch freely in a flat pattern, making a natural espalier if given the support of a warm, sunny wall or fence.
Don't be afraid of some cheaper cuts such as the flank, tri-tip, or flat iron.
Set up the solar stove on a flat surface with unobstructed sunlight.
Place a flat index card over the opening of the bottle.
Sales in all of these areas are, however, flat or declining.
Once the glue has dried, close the card and press it flat.
To make the folded-roof model fold the mud flat in half along the center ridge.
Explain that it is sometimes important to have a map that shows the elevation of land on a flat paper surface-a topographic map.
The landscape is relatively flat meaning there is no mountain obstructions or fog to cover the sky.
He also altered the flat ceilings by adding a gentle pitch to the roof over the original beams.
Flat screens show high-definition images of flowers and landscapes.
He declined the governor's mansion and slept on a mattress in a rented flat.
The branches are often strongly horizontal, giving the tree a broad, flat top.
Mare basalt hails from vast, dark, flat areas of the moon's surface called mares.
Some fervent believers cut their heads with the flat edge of swords to show their grief and sorrow.
To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a flat birch hollow-core door atop two adjustable sawhorses.
Often there is one flat for a single elderly individual.
Construct the gable roof so each side is the size of one half of the mud flat.
For best results, the pan must be flat on the bottom and the batter swirled to the edge.
The strange tortoise's shell is flat underneath and not rounded at the belly as usual, he says.
In those early days, the entire top layer was flat and under water.
But the newfound creatures did sport fully developed plastrons-the flat part of a turtle shell that covers and protects the belly.
On a flat surface, an object covered with a piece of cloth would normally be detectable based on its telltale bump.
Replacing the flat roof with a gabled one created space for the loft, which sits above the garage's remaining parking spot.
Flat roofs are common on adobe houses and those with a modern architectural style.
South-facing slopes get more solar heat than flat land and north-facing slopes.
In pleaching, side branches of adjoining trees are intertwined in one flat plane and all the rest of the branches are removed.
His deadpan evocation of flat, bright figures had an everyday quality that linked them to commercial art and popular culture.
We have now raised an entire generation on compressed and flat music.
They used a flat piece of wood for a bat and a rolled-up wad of cloth for a ball.
The helicopter had landed on a flat patch of desert.
The researchers' truck is outfitted with two spare tires, but it was once stopped by a third flat.
Most often it is a flat rejection with a door open to resubmit.
Tuition will increase across all higher-education sectors and state-financed student aid will continue to dwindle or remain flat.
Flat-out speed, for a long time the measure of a supercomputer's worth, may be going out of style.
The number of high-school graduates in the state is projected to remain flat or decline over the next decade.
My parents were antagonistic to me and all my siblings, and flat out rude and hurtful to the grandchildren.
Controlled for inflation, their salaries were flat even as working conditions deteriorated.
Flat out, they do not have the time to learn all of the ground breaking technologies.
Writing flat-out keeps him close to his story, close to his source.
Closer to room temperature, the drink became flat fast, whatever way you pour.
Wide, flat blades are inexpensive to build and work well as drag devices.
The transgressions ranged from intentional exaggeration to flat-out fibs.
Rather the team was trying to create new kinds of transparent semiconductors for flat-panel displays.
For the ball humidity tests, they started indoors with simple ball drops for the flat plate testing.
The body swells up to six times its normal size-from a flat insect to football-shaped.
And the water-plants with their graceful flat heads-all became part of him.
The others are covered by, and give partial attachment to, some of the flat muscles of the abdomen.
It arises by two heads, which are connected to the condyles of the femur by strong, flat tendons.
There are people whose idea of conversation is contradiction and flat statement.
The flat is not a model, though it is a modern, tenement.
His particular emotions may be simple, or crude, or flat.
Whatever stagnates in the flat of custom or obedience or legislation he never stagnates.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
What inveterate wearers sometimes gripe about is the niggling pain felt when forced to walk with their feet flat.
By unofficial estimates, the average price of a flat in the capital has risen between five and ten-fold in the past decade.
The law firm was turned down flat by the government's trademark bureau.
US domestic demand is flat and unlikely to rise unless investment is driven up by the prospect of an exports surge.
Unlike those for car insurance, the premiums are flat rates: the libidinous will pay the same as the uxorious.
Much of the province is flat and fertile farmland, and there is some thriving small industry as well.
In fact, one could make an easy case for flat out evolution.
The first cans were flat-topped and made of heavy-gauge steel.
Most netizens paid about the same flat rate for a valuable resource, no matter how much of it they consumed.
Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong.
Enter solar leasing, in which homeowners pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for solar panels and maintenance.
He was a flat-out, knee-crawling thug with the morals of a weasel on speed.
Good old-fashioned manual labor, literally, brings a unique richness to storytelling where words alone sometimes fall flat.
It will either decline slightly again this year for a sixth-in-a-row or remain virtually flat.
The one-story red-brick clubhouse fronts onto a well-tended, mostly flat course carved out of the woods.
Real family income for families in the middle was flat.
There's nothing in the wiring of your brain to tell you that it isn't flat.
Before the pyramids, tombs were carved into bedrock and topped by flat-roofed structures called mastabas.
The transistors are sandwiches of metals and insulators that must be laid down on a flat surface, which produces a rigid display.
Their outer feathers are flat, well oiled, and watertight.
Lift your hips off the ground and roll the ball toward you until the bottoms of your feet are flat on the ball's surface.
Your flat-bottom canoe will dodge caiman and be portaged past dry patches in the trucks of local ranchers.
The animal is known for its ability to clamp itself to rocks under its large, flat, ear-shaped shell.
Place apples in an eight-inch-by-eight-inch baking pan, or a pottery flat-bottomed bowl.
Though the shadow is flat, it has so much movement and life.
The fish's body is covered with spines that lie flat until a threat appears.
These quills typically lie flat until a porcupine is threatened, then leap to attention as a persuasive deterrent.
Then board the open-air carriages, converted from timber-carrying flat cars.
They have extremely strong jaws and wide, flat molars to chew tough vegetation such as tree bark and orchid bulbs.
If you have a waterproof case for your camera and you are careful, you can take photos while sitting on the boat in flat water.
Wi-Fi service will be extended across the vessels, and the line will add interactive flat-panel televisions to cabins.
Pipe ganache onto flat sides of plain cookies, then top with sugared cookies to make sandwiches.
There were a few iced monstrosities covered with violent pink curlicues and flat, stonelike cookies of a poisonous yellow.
Tom's flat was a kip, and the bed sagged badly in the middle.
It's journalism theatre: flat, effective, and to the point.
He stands flat against the doorjamb, facing the living room, his eyes darting left and right.
Suddenly the snake thrust its flat head toward the teacher's cheek.
She holds one hand flat as instructed, the brown carrot there, a gift from the driver.
At birth, their eyelids are often fused, and their ears are flat.
Teachers' health-benefit expenses were up nine per cent, city tax revenues were flat, and school enrollment was up.
Beneath the pop-culture references and the determinedly flat language is a wellspring of anguish.
Visitors must lie flat in a shallow boat as it is pulled by wires under the outcrop.
The land is flat to the horizon, scattered with slowly bobbing oil derricks, and always windy.
But at some point the driver said they were getting close, and they must all lie flat and be silent.
The question is not easy to answer because facial muscles are flat and can mingle with other muscles.
In the center of the tank there is a flat, vertical wall.
At full moon, you can't see the terminator, so all of the moon looks flat and boring.
Imagine me sitting on a flat floor, rolling marbles away from me in all directions.
They look flat and featureless, wonder how close one must get to resolve individual components.
His manner was flat and emotionless, and he paid little attention to the therapists who tried to coax him back into the world.
They have to drink from flat, horizontal bodies of water.
The cloaking occurs because the mirrors look entirely flat.
Its first batteries use two flat electrodes, which are comparable in size.
Conventional transistors are made up of a metal structure called a gate that's mounted on top of a flat channel of silicon.
They put a smaller structure inside it called a heme, a large flat molecule that is the active part of hemoglobin.
They plan to study polymers made from liquid crystals, which are used in flat-panel displays.
There seems to be a problem with large surface solar cell arrays, namely wind resistance of such flat structures.
Also, the fact that each row of keys is more-or-less flat but slightly higher than the previous row conveys a lot of information.
The robot consists primarily of a flat screen monitor, with audio and video recording equipment.
Or if you prefer, you can also believe the world is still flat in your estimation.
It failed to pick up a flat disc or a ball of cotton, for example.
The flat fee model allows you to have a much lower effective per minute rate since the fixed costs are automatically covered.
What's more, the company makes the batteries in a flat shape rather than in the typical cylindrical design.
Cut off the flat top and bottom skin, then simply pare the circular edge with a small knife.
The answer was not, as it usually is, a flat-out no: it was a resounding perhaps.
For travel, unfold it and slip the flat sheet into your laptop sleeve.

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