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As the plaster dried, it reacted with the mineral pigments, fixing the colors.
Fixing that will require outreach and advertising to those communities.
Yesterday evening, our four friends made the difficult decision to use today as a rest and fixing day.
It might be cleaning or fixing or organizing something.
She is fixing the usual breakfast of stewed berries, boiled reindeer meat, and bread.
Riding the rails to a land that needs fixing, where the sun shines so brightly, the heat was quite vexing.
And both parties agree to consider such map and declaration as finally and conclusively fixing the said boundary.
The change from cropper to tenant was accomplished by fixing the rent.
They were taking down broken chimney pots and fixing new ones in their places.
If plants were more efficient at fixing nitrogen, the problem could be alleviated.
Fixing the delta would serve as a valuable test case for the country and the world.
But fixing the infrastructure means raising taxes-politically unpalatable even in fat years, and this is not one.
Some of the world's leading airlines are under investigation for alleged price-fixing by their cargo divisions.
The problem, it said, was vote-fixing and fan violence.
The risk of a design flaw is high, as are the costs of fixing it.
Fixing the problem is not easy, as the city is awash in debt as well as water.
Fixing the leak means warming the broken part up, doing the repair, and then cooling it down again.
Fixing both the balance and the budget process will be the biggest task of the next governor.
But as online music moves into the mainstream, the industry faces suspicions that it is fixing prices for tunes.
Many blame the water companies for not fixing leaky pipes.
Frantic troubleshooting by an overworked staff versus someone else fixing problems smoothly.
Early childhood education can go a long way toward fixing this problem-but only if it's high-quality early childhood education.
Different alarms sound if there is an error or a connection needs fixing.
My first bit of advice is, make sure you are fixing the thing that really needs fixing.
So the real solution for me is fixing my life, not my food.
Fixing them requires increasingly sophisticated technical skills.
So, as his boss, fixing him made him controllable and protected.
College presidents don't want to know, because fixing the problem means arguing with faculty.
We all had a friendly chuckle over it, and for fixing the typo he rewarded us with a bumper sticker.
Always looking at himself in the mirror and fixing his goddam tie.
By fixing currencies to gold, the gold standard also fixed them to each other.
It never occurred to them that, if everyone had to think outside the box, maybe it was the box that needed fixing.
When she did he told her it would be all right, and she began thinking about fixing up the little house.
We now have a firm policy of always getting permission before fixing a mistake.
One of his smartest practical decisions was fixing the sport's toilet problem.
The act of listening and then snapping binoculars to eyes, fixing a bird in focus in one move, is a learned art.
Nor should they even explore and work diligently toward fixing what's broken in the marriage.
As this table shows, fixing one problem causes others.
But securing the future will require fixing a system that has become a joke.
Actually, it's designed to prevent fixing the malpractice system.
It's going to mean fixing old buildings, for example.
So remember, health care reform is essential to fixing our long-term budget woes.
Hopefully this fall's elections will produce some candidates more interested in fixing the city than dancing in the streets.
But support for fixing our high-skill immigration system is widespread and bipartisan.
The existing approach to identifying, educating, and choosing officers for top-tier positions needs fixing.
Fixing our nation's fiscal problems is going to be wildly unpopular.
Fixing this broken model is a matter of national urgency.
But the problem is that the private sector outside may be worsening faster than they are fixing things.
That's when cars typically start to need repairs, so you would be paying for your car and for fixing it simultaneously.
They are hauling sandbags, scanning the horizon, and fixing arc lamps over the road.
Snow moaned the words to the accompaniment of a mewling fiddle, fixing our attention on the singer's past suffering.
Over the past decade, influential figures in public life have decreed that school reform is the key to fixing poverty.
However, he does not have prescriptions to offer for fixing the things he perceives as wrong in medical education.
In this building many people lived doing many things-cooking liver, playing the piano, fixing a bike.
It is aimed at fixing a glitch that could cause power brakes to become extra difficult to apply in sustained low temperatures.
My father was a fitter and turner, fixing steam engines and trains.
It also showed that by fixing the genetic problem, you might fix the physiological problem--the basic concept behind gene therapy.
When fixing on the nose or nostrils or the mouth, the effect is much dampened and all look pretty ordinary.
Here's a complicated, risky, costly other way of possibly fixing the problem.
It is simple logic, not so simple to implement, but fixing the educational system is a good start for the long term.
The gusher-fixing experts are handling the gusher-fixing.
It was absurd to think that fixing the banking system could by itself restore the economy to health.
We have this museum which is insolvent-here is a plan for fixing it.
McCarthy could keep anything he made fixing cars and selling tires and accessories.
During the past year, the efforts of everyone have been bent toward a single task: fixing the collider.
It's as if the election has a built-in shield that prevents fixing.
Fixing leaking pipelines can be tricky and expensive.
Thus the burden for fixing the problem lies not so much with drivers as with manufacturers.
Fixing the engines to the top of the wing also helps reduce drag, particularly at high speeds.
To drive home that the flaw needed fixing, the trio created a rig to sniff signals from more than a mile away.
Global warming is a serious problem, but the political process is geared to evade the fact that fixing it won't be cheap.
Taking the steps to understand the big picture, the big failure, and then taking steps to fix whatever it is that needs fixing.
So, lets spend out time and money fixing real, solvable problems instead at tilting at windmills.
The teachers at the department also took matters at hand and started fixing or completing many biology articles.
And the company had few options for fixing the situation on its own.
Five years after the hurricane, we're fixing the levees.
But we're still not fixing the coast--or the politics that destroyed it.
He spoke with boyish enthusiasm, fixing his visitor with an unhurried, brown-eyed gaze.
That's why fixing the imbalances between the two countries will take much more than currency movements.

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