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Containing and extinguishing the fire is posing a unique challenge, because it is burning in highly flammable peatland.
The fire truck gets firefighters to their destination and is their frontline weapon.
The embers of the evening's fire are kept burning through the night.
Three children were killed early today in a fire that was probably ignited by an electric space heater, authorities said.
But they could be on the way to protecting houses from fire.
Flies that inject eggs into fire ants are being used to fight the invasive ants.
The quake destroyed the city's water mains, paralyzing the fire department.
So read on and let the following examples inspire you to curl up by the fire.
Lose the bulky fire extinguisher and use a spray can instead.
The fire hydrant of the future will have a new mission in addition to fighting fires.
To catch the majesty and horror of fire as you did in this photo is magnificent.
At night, when a fire glows nearby, this is a cozy spot.
If humans didn't make it so easy for them, invasive fire ants wouldn't invade.
When left to its own logic, though, fire renews far more life than it destroys.
Today, the prevalence of matches and pocket lighters makes starting a fire a simple task.
Carved out of the south side of the house, the fire courtyard provides shelter from the wind.
Reaching for a fire extinguisher and putting out a fire swiftly and safely is so old-school.
The proliferation of solar power installations is adding a new twist to fire stations and fire fighting.
The first time you build a fire in the oven is exciting.
Inhaling smoke on the fire line is part of the job, but researchers are now looking closer at the effects of wildfire smoke.
Land development practices not only increase the fire risk but also impinge on wildlife habitats.
Those who survived panicked and rather than fighting the fire began to jump into the river.
They talked above the crack of distant rifle and machine-gun fire.
Fire ants are red-colored insects that sting and deliver a harmful substance, called venom, into your skin.
Cops and soldiers now have the ability to pinpoint incoming sniper fire.
Even the simplest open fire is likely to draw people outdoors.
The uranium fire in an atomic reactor is both ignited and sustained by neutrons.
His team of experts found that the ship's demise was self- inflicted--likely the result of a coal bunker fire.
Along the back wall, coal hearths fire metal to glowing red-hot and white.
And employers seeing the results could deny people jobs or fire them.
Collisions sparked electrical and propane gas fires, but access by fire engines was blocked by debris.
The scene was powered by an open fire in the far back of the vault.
In other words, the problem is similar to that of mortar fire and only one-half of the trajectory has to be taken into account.
There is a video game in which players fire antibiotic ammunition at bacteria.
All elements in this picture are lively,whether is fire or cloud or their red dresses.
The well blew out, the blowout preventer failed, and the drilling rig caught fire and eventually sank.
He relished toasting slices of elephant heart on a pronged stick over a fire.
It makes sense that those renting out the fire brigades would make more money if they also set fires.
The chemical requires careful handling, because as a pyrophoric, it catches fire when exposed to air.
Nor does this figure include the effect of fire on dried-up bogs.
He has also suggested removing fire-alarm boxes from city streets, to stop hoax calls.
The next thing he knew was a blaze of white magnesium light, and a huge ball of fire.
In the initial months after the bail-out, a fire sale ensued.
Soldiers opened fire without much restraint, even at paramedics trying to bring out the wounded.
Yes, preventing the fire today will stop damage and cause everyone relief for the time being.
Yet the immediate outlook for the economy is so bleak that there seems little merit in holding fire.
Myth or no, the shooters still seem to think they're on fire when statistics show they're not.
The concept of rapid-fire dating has gained tremendous popularity, spreading to cities all over the world.
And while blue light causes these brain cells to fire, yellow light stops them.
The nervous system does this through a command nucleus that decides when the electric organ will fire.
Good news for the iPod generation from two of their own, who fought fire with fire.
Heroic deeds-- notably, that of a schoolteacher who died saving the emperor's picture from a fire--embellished the curriculum.
It badly pollutes water and air and catches fire easily.
Also, the online pix look identical yet the magazine article said the fire hydrant was added.
The site is also home to early evidence of the use of fire.
There are bathrooms and a cafeteria at the site as well as a fire pit for overnight campers, who must bring their own wood.
The marines had to disembark and wade to the beach while exposed to heavy enemy fire.
And the fish was charcoaled on the fire with seasoning.
When detonated, the individual flashes created brilliant rings of fire in a cone formation.
The spectacle brought to mind the state's deadliest fire.
Fire up your holiday leftover stuffing with a wok.
Sample seven snacks that will fire up your energy.
But there's another type of fire that can be dangerous-one that's right under our feet.
Active volcanoes, however, make up only a small fraction of all mountains of fire.
And there's nowhere to go if food runs out-or a fire starts.
The expedition members drew weapons and prepared to fire.
For three days now, buildings and vehicles have been smashed and set on fire, while stores and warehouses were looted.
The vehicles were blasted with small-arms fire and set alight.
It's known to breath fire at uncooperative publishers.
There he built a fire against the side of a log and sat down at the end of the log to think.
Remove from fire, add seasonings, and fold in whites of eggs beaten until stiff and dry.
Most problematic was the danger of a spark at the bottom of the pan setting the box on fire.
Please do not use the fire extinguisher unless there is no water in the toilets.
The orders were to fire in the air and immediately after to shoot at people.
Trees in a park across the intersection caught on fire.
The sequins on her dress glitter in the candlelight as if her heart were on fire.
Gerard made a fire and watched the snake as it came slowly back to itself.
There were protests-Californians stuck their gasoline credit cards on skewers and lit them on fire-followed by new horrors.
Laptops equipped with lithium-ion batteries occasionally overheat and catch fire.
While a laptop fire can be dangerous, batteries for such devices only involve a few cells.
When a neuron fires, it cannot fire again until it has recharged, a time known as the refractory period.
The drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, came under renewed fire this past year.
At the beginning of the tone, neurons around your cortex reset themselves, so that they all begin to fire in sync.
The pilot would then fire the engines again and send the plane back into space.
The first chirp triggers a spike of voltage in some auditory neurons, which in turn causes some other neurons to fire as well.
The red glow is characteristic of hot hydrogen, and is a sure-fire way to know that gas is being excited by the stars nearby.
Read about the forest fire of brain damage caused by methamphetamine use.
Not only had the parasites glutted his bloodstream, but he also was taking friendly fire from his own immune system.
Most hotels have fire extinguishers in the hallways.
As the brain forms, starting in the early embryo, neurons that fire together wire together.
Yes, those are buildings on fire as they are being swept along with the water.
When the protein sees the light, it opens up and allows ions to enter the neuron, making it fire.
Brain waves are generated naturally when groups of neurons fire in a certain rhythm.
The family gathers around the fire and talks, trading stories while sitting on hewn-timber benches.
It made sense that a fire juggler performed at the event.
Small-arms fire followed immediately from both sides.
There is that scene with the long, drawn out explosion where clothes are on fire.
Editorial writers held their fire, public outrage cooled.
Every few seconds a blast from live-fire drills rattled the windows.
During the negotiations, he dared the board to fire him.
The engines reacted with loud bangs and blossoms of fire, in what are known as surges and compressor stalls.
To make it that kind of a movie was the big risk and the big challenge, but also the thing that pulled it out of the fire.
Fire-prone, wood and brick buildings were replaced with six-story towers of concrete and steel.
Working smoke alarms and an escape plan you have practiced will help keep you and your family or co-workers safe during a fire.
Recovering from a fire can be a physically and mentally draining process.
When fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around.
Fire fighters put out fires, which is not as simple as it may sound.
In his work the flattest clich├ęs are transformed into glowing images, and worn-out puns and similes catch fire.
If only they could be neutralized, then principals could fire those who are incompetent or fail to raise test scores.
Filthy and lethargic, he sat by the fire, aimlessly whittling away at small sticks and turning them into barbed hooks.
His energy and his cool under fire made him popular among the troops.

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