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Even the much-vaunted state sector is feeling the pinch.
The people experience is mind-boggling and ultimately leaves you feeling speechless.
Exhilarating is the word that comes to mind to describe the feeling of approaching these animals.
Although the gate leads nowhere, it gives the impression that the garden continues and helps reduce the feeling of confinement.
It was this feeling that had turned her mind to the stage.
With the first feeling of lust, her mind begins working at a furious rate.
It's something quite strong in itself, this feeling.
Feeling paranoid means harboring unreasonable suspicions of people and situations.
There are advantages to not feeling tied to one place, locally or nationally.
Traveling for your health can combine feeling good with great destinations.
Some of us are interested because if a feeling causes the heartache, looking up in the sky will not make the feeling go away.
Either it's tasteless or it leaves you feeling empty.
But first, lonely people transmit their feeling of isolation to friends and neighbors.
After a vigorous run, ride or swim, the feeling of warmth in your body can linger for hours.
It's such a great feeling to not have to think about feeling lousy and allowing extra time to do things, etc.
But it is not enough to shrug and wait for that joyous feeling of vindication.
First, think about the character of the forest you want to shoot and the feeling you want to convey in your image.
He scanned the negatives into a computer, and sometimes digitally removed people, heightening the feeling of isolation.
Create a coastal feeling anywhere with a miniature sandy scene.
Jelly belly: from about the size of a spit wad the compound grows to a tennis ball so dieters sit down feeling full.
Satiety is the satisfied feeling of being full after eating.
It seems to be that you are feeling depressed as well.
As they do so, they may turn decentralised sprawl into quilts of energetic suburbs with a community feeling.
There's a feeling of equanimity and energy in the square.
Doctors have known for a long time that feeling lonely can make you physically sick, but until now they did not know why.
Matching barstools and dining chairs prevent the space from feeling cluttered.
Begin working immediately on next lecture to establish feeling of control over self and destiny.
Part is presumably push: a feeling that he no longer belongs to the place where he lives.
Elation indeed is the feeling in the science community for what today's explorations are adding to our knowledge of the sun.
Familiarity occurs quickly, before the brain can recall the source of the feeling.
It depends on the mood one is feeling at the moment,can influence what picture is selected.
One is tasting her first chocolate chips, the other is feeling snow on her face for the first time.
My feeling is that evolution shouldn't be taught at the lower grades.
Feeling in control, albeit over only a little territory, will raise your confidence.
The full moon was pretty bright which gave the feeling it would be at daytime.
Feeling helpless leads us to see nonexistent patterns.
Reading about his experiences left me feeling enriched, educated and empowered.
We've all had that feeling of coming out the parking lot to discover someone's bashed your bumper or dinged your door.
The reason why a high protein intake causes this feeling of fullness was, however, unknown.
Surgeons can also cut living brains without fear of hurting their patients-the organ is incapable of feeling pain.
Each colored dot is the visual representation of a feeling sentence.
He told his children that it looked as if rain were on the way and went to bed, feeling ill.
Peel under cold water and enjoy feeling the shell slip off the smooth surface of the egg.
The publishing industry is still feeling out ways to take advantage of new digital formats.
Almost everywhere in the world, people are feeling the pinch because of higher food and fuel prices.
Mandrills are feeling the squeeze of spreading agriculture and human settlement-both are shrinking their rain forest homeland.
Not only was the feeling new to me, but it also didn't make sense.
We were in the dressing room at the local high school putting on makeup and costumes, feeling the adrenaline flow.
We're feeling a part of the geek digerati at my home today.
But all worked intensely and together created a feeling of nonstop discovery and exploration.
Feeling proud makes people more dominant and likable in social tasks.
And you can arrange your miniature street people in your miniature town square without feeling sorry for them.
With a few special stories, though, that feeling spreads to a magazine's whole editorial staff.
Such stillness and the tense atmosphere are appropriate counterpoints to a viewer who is feeling a bit lackluster.
White paint keeps a book-filled wall from feeling heavy.
And he looks for them in swamps by feeling for them with his bare feet.
Gravel raked in swirls around boulders evokes the feeling of water.
The lamps symbolize knowledge and are said to create a feeling of brotherhood and spiritual harmony.
It's treated as a freestanding piece of furniture, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness.
But after a few hours, the village starts feeling pretty tame.
Flat cabinets and sleek counters in the kitchen enhance the spacious feeling.
The winged shape and the ample width of the counter are carefully chosen to create intimacy without a feeling of claustrophobia.
The lack of continuous walls creates a feeling of expansiveness.
Tylenol brought the fever down, but she woke up the next morning vomiting and feeling achy and weak.
However, the gray tonalities didn't give it a warm feeling.
Moving around sucks, but it clears out your head way faster than laying in bed feeling bad for yourself.
My feet have lost all feeling and the tips of my fingers are following them into numbness.
If you're feeling ambitious, do some sleuthing in your city's government offices or archives to find out what's really down there.
The device sends out electrical pulses geared to shock the user into feeling full.
And even if you don't want to buy one, go and check out the gallery and start off the weekend with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
But mostly they will go away with a warm feeling in their hearts, and perhaps remembering a melody.
For many people, a feeling of thirst only becomes apparent after significant dehydration.
The feeling registers in the brain as a distinct form of pleasure, a satisfaction comparable to that of eating a good meal.
It is still about storytelling, about juxtaposing images, about creating a feeling with images and music.
If you have been in other searches but received no offers, you're probably feeling discouraged.
Sometimes words don't get lose enough to the feeling.
But as many of them noted in televised interviews, what made matters far worse was feeling powerless.
Then, if you're feeling ambitious, you could transform the notes into a news story.
Speaking fondly of the time they spend together leaves their partner feeling appreciated.
If anyone cannot see the anger in this sky, then they are without feeling themselves.
The observation that economic backwardness fuels anti-Western feeling and fanaticism, however, is hardly new.
If you are feeling fancy, also boil some water for tea.
Yet the police could be forgiven for feeling exasperated by this criticism.
The dog days of summer are here, and many people are feeling the heat.
It is usually a feeling of being overwhelmed at home or at work and being under appreciated at either place.
The biggest problem is that all of this inconvenience is based on a gut feeling.
Traveling for your health can combine feeling good with large doses of culture.
For example, psychologists have found that feeling materialistic tends to correlate with darker moods.
The result is an evocative image that gives us a feeling of the site's history.
And local fishermen are feeling as if they are under siege.
Even today these people have horrible health problems and are feeling the effects of the radiation.
Carnival is a feeling, a getting together of friends or people who have come to enjoy themselves and who end up being friends.
The wave of good feeling between the two countries would soon dissipate, however, in mutual accusations.
If there wasn't a general consensus or feeling about a cover up, these hoaxes wouldn't convince so many people.
The morbidity is not of human feeling but of language.
Yet it needs but a moment's reflection to convince us that this naturalness of speech is but an illusory feeling.
No one could enter the charmed circle of his friendship without feeling the mastery of his personality.
She suffered intensely, feeling herself born for every delicacy and every luxury.
If sharp, wit is apt to produce a feeling of mistrust even while it stimulates.
But today it is employed without much feeling that it needs apology, and surely without any feeling that it is low.
The eighteenth century glorifies human reason and human feeling.
It was argued, further, that such recognition would mark the good feeling prevailing between the two races.
He kept all his life a feeling that his early education had been incomplete.
It's not a good feeling to know you've been outsmarted by chimps.
Gently grasping an egg in her mouth, she rolls it on her tongue, feeling for signs of life.
It's the feeling of motion that makes this photograph of leopards wrestling so successful.
It was an amazing feeling to have won every game till now.
They didn't savor that feeling of total engagement in a task that psychologists call flow.
Disgust is having its moment in the light as researchers find that it does more than cause that sick feeling in the stomach.
The latest findings might help explain why people report feeling ravenous after eating only a lettuce salad for lunch.
Have a positive feeling about the subject you will present and project it to the audience.
Still no obvious symptoms that perforation is imminent, but an oppressive feeling of foreboding hangs over me.
No one who worked for him ever again escaped the feeling that he was there looking over one's shoulder.
But you drag yourself out of bed, dress, and head to the office anyway feeling virtuous and sick.
The fighter woke up gasping for air, and spent the next few weeks feeling increasingly frightened and alienated.
But those shocking wage differentials will still be around when rich countries are feeling flush.
Certainly there is little record of his speaking of any such feeling.
Which suggests that it's the feeling of losing money during leisure activities that causes the drop in enjoyment.
Moreover, if they do have feelings, it is difficult to discern whether they are feeling anything similar to our feelings.
These chills are a more consistent, in-the-moment measure of pleasure than asking subjects to describe what they're feeling.
Attempts to strike at its root now would be too little, too late for those powers feeling threatened.
For people with bipolar disorder, thoughts can race so quickly that the manic feeling becomes aversive.
The pleasurable feeling that comes with the successes is brought about by a surge in the neurotransmitter dopamine.
It must be a good feeling being at the top of all the good tec lists.
Without feeling pain, how could fish have the fear feeling.
Bamboo could bring some warm feeling to the room while linoleum and tile are bringing cold feeling.
Being informed gives them some control over their disease-and that feeling of empowerment plays a role in the healing process.
Ideally, this could eliminate some of the feeling of isolation that is inherent in tutorial-based online learning.
My feeling is that it is better to be safe than sorry.
Try using examples that get you feeling enthusiastic.
Artists and writers working on new projects often report feeling scattered and unsure.
Universities are feeling the strain in various ways these days.
He writes with feeling, backed up by an impressively broad list of sources as well as sharp critical insight and astute judgment.
It essentially provides the spongy weightless feeling of a hammock with the back and leg support of a proper chair.
But, well, you have this feeling that something isn't right.
Feeling unwell, she was put to bed by friends who later returned to find that she had stopped breathing.
The intent of consuming music is usually to have an awareness or a feeling, to have a truly empathic connection to others.
If you're feeling chatty about video chat, feel free to hop on in and edit this article.
The chef turned the skewers every five to ten minutes, feeling for doneness with his fingers.
Envision a robot cowering under the bed if a user is feeling angry and looking for something to kick.
My gut feeling is that chronic pain, is an autonomic nervous system learned response.
And whether in his feeling for the linear in itself, or for color or brushwork, he is a maestro.
The feeling of new life should be gradual and imperceptible.
But they didn't convey the feeling they had when they were new.
Future benefactions will depend on whether today's and tomorrow's students leave college with the same feeling of indebtedness.
Friendship is devolving, in other words, from a relationship to a feeling.
Because of the subject it is ceremonial in feeling, and it reveals a totally new aspect of history painting.
When you have the feeling, then stay with it, and don't let anyone throw you off.
So it's no wonder that companies are feeling cautious.
And that feeling she gets in her stomach with a loved one's prolonged silence.
When she's feeling despairing, she goes to eddies at the mouth of the river and tries to comb the water apart with her fingers.
Cathy is amused by his awkwardness-more concerned about how he's feeling than she is about her own turmoil.
The writer had a good feeling that he'd created his own style.
The book never quite shakes off a feeling of outrage at having been routed by grief.
The general feeling was that he had gone off the deep end, and that his music no longer mattered.
Nevertheless, a feeling of normality prevailed and pervaded all vision.
Carla wakes up one morning feeling that something is wrong.
Even after they'd gone out for coffee, she couldn't say that what she was feeling was anything more than infatuation.
It's disconnected from feeling, and an eerie blankness-it's too shallow to be called nihilism-undermines even the best scenes.
He drives home, feeling the wind in his hair and the sun on his face.
That's why no one who has been inside a prison, if only for a day, can ever forget the feeling.
Even thinking about the feeling of power can trigger these double standards.
What they didn't know is how this feeling begets illness.
Because the taps were synchronized, the volunteer's brain was tricked into feeling them both.
It gives me a lovely feeling, which is akin to power.
It frightened him and left him feeling frustrated and helpless.
We are all aware of the psychological arrow of time, a subjective feeling that time flows mercilessly from the past to the future.
Human courtship has always been a primitive business, one conducted less with brainpower than with gut feeling.
Those who have tried the patch describe the feeling as a mild tingling, vibrating, or tickling.
If you're feeling really hardcore, you could even add a squid tattoo.
Say good-bye to the laughter of alienation and hello to a brand of comedy that fosters a feeling of community.
It's a tingly feeling that starts in the hands, moves toward the wallet, and concludes with a wink.
Moviegoers tended to watch the often dubious results with one eye closed and a slightly queasy feeling in their stomachs.
Feeling the movement is different than seeing it or hearing it.
Only morons charge into a room full of people feeling superconfident.
It's a really wonderful feeling, and there's the freedom to play and make mistakes.
The talent agencies in particular are feeling the financial squeeze as jobs diminish along with packaging fees.
All the more reason he's been feeling a bit generous of late.
Obviously you have to be accurate and specific about what he's thinking and feeling.
And that feeling of personal liberation is exciting to watch.
We looked at each other and almost got a spooky feeling.
She wanted to do something, to act on what she was feeling.
It almost has a feeling that there's a soft breeze blowing on the character.
With a feeling of shock she found her thighs nudged apart.
There's your changeable, day-to-day mood: whether you're stressed or blue or feeling emotionally sound.
You'll be feeling a bit whiplashed, but that sense of disorientation hints at the fast-paced city that lies ahead.
The body's metabolism slows down, and the patient complains of not having any energy and feeling mentally sluggish.
So, no one would blame you for feeling scared about getting sick.
One took the spectacle in with a feeling of wonder and disgust, something.
If the other people on the projects knew how you were feeling, you might get some of that support that you're looking for.
If you're feeling bubbly, add some pink--as in pink champagne.
Set this up for a time when you're feeling emotionally in control of yourself, rather than in the heat of the moment.

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