fealty in a sentence

Example sentences for fealty

Two groups are competing for the fealty of the old grads.
His reluctance to put things on a financial footing, rather, shows a desire for his subjects' absolute fealty.
Voting has become more a matter of consumer choice than of ideological fealty.
Fealty to your company has diminished, and so has a company's fealty to its employees.
Really, any old name with connections and fealty to powerful bank interests would do.
And through it all there has been a curious silence and even expressions of sadness and fealty from those he apparently betrayed.
Unfortunately, his enthusiasm for cleaner air in the parks is not nearly as strong as his fealty to the utilities.
She takes to both the family and the business with zealous fealty.
They taste fresh and light, bolstering the menu's declaration of fealty to organic produce and all-natural meats.
Toxic leaders demand more fealty than benign leaders require, and they do not tolerate dissent or questions about their decisions.
It certainly, if somewhat ironically, demonstrates the regime's fealty to his carelessness about money.
He swore fealty to the king before rejecting all royalty.
They sold their service, but they did not sell their fealty.
The fealty of a volunteer fireman to his particular company was of an intensity that can scarcely be comprehended today.
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