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Example sentences for extravagant

But on the couple's wedding day, which opens the book, the extravagant nuptials are suddenly canceled.
Football coaches do not have extravagant golden parachutes; their performance evaluations are very public.
Sinatra is an extravagant man, but friends sometimes find his generosity nerve-racking.
If you're feeling more extravagant, corn bread is also good with chicken soup.
The bouquets, too, are getting more extravagant.
It is an extravagant device, not to be widely recommended for fear of the arbitrary and of an easy presumption.
His old mistress has blabbed about his extravagant tastes.
Don't get me wrong -- we're not getting rich by any means and we don't have extravagant tastes.
Her extravagant oddity proved expensive and carried with it an inevitable obsolescence.
His wages are modest, the building trades go up and down, and-in all honesty-his tastes in motorcycles are a bit extravagant.
You're absolutely right that they can be brought up in a manner that is not extravagant.
Consumers want simple, easy-to-use devices, not extravagant features or killer specs.
Even in the early days, its ultimate goal was extravagant: to organize the world's information.
At these extravagant affairs, more is indeed merrier.
Metal's commerce with the lower realm has been extravagant, ridiculous, and covered in glory.
As extravagant as the notion seems, it has nonetheless attracted a wide following among cosmologists.
In such cases, the details tended to be extravagant.
Had he done so, one can only imagine the extent to which his extravagant reverence would have been drawn.
Your best work will evolve from being committed and happy, not from being extravagant.
Another epic adaptation is nipping at your heels one even longer and more commercially extravagant.
But a tour offers a sense of the former ruler's extravagant taste.
For a party that has trouble reconciling extravagant promises with financial rigour, this is no small step.
Meanwhile, they are bending over backwards to avoid seeming extravagant.
He is famed for extravagant spending that contrasts sharply with his country's widespread poverty.
But the film is so furiously overloaded, so crammed with extravagant touches, that any hint of a central thread is obscured.
For true believers in fairy tales, no romantic fantasy is too extravagant if the heroine is a sweetheart.
Travel choices that are contrary to existing travel policies or are unnecessarily extravagant or expensive.
Making travel choices that are contrary to existing travel policies or are unnecessarily extravagant or expensive.
Their bright colors and extravagant design contrasted with the subdued shades of his suits.
The arrival of wealthy vacationing visitors brought more extravagant tastes and the ability to afford them.
But he wound up stealing much of the money to support his extravagant lifestyle.
Perhaps it should be taken as an extravagant expression of imperial confidence.
He is an avid gambler who maintains an extravagant lifestyle.
Many companies organized extravagant advertising spectacles and other enterprises to attract consumers.
The cost seems extravagant, and may not be doable for independent clinics.

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