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However, because of their extensive use and long half-life, human exposure remains widespread.
The orchestration of this extensive undertaking was definitely a team effort.
There are wonderful pine woods, and very extensive ranges of meadow land.
They built extensive cities and the structures that preceded the modern pyramid (more accurately called a temple mound).
Food and lodging are free, as are extensive recreational facilities.
Most of the plateau is covered with extensive grassland and rocks, but no trees.
The museum has three floors of exhibits, an extensive library and archives and museum shop.
Candidates with extensive lab course work will also be considered.
With an extensive background in health and fitness, she can guide her husband on a better path to regaining physical fitness.
He settled in Rhodes after extensive travels.
This small piece of land is only one mile long, but it serves as a habitat for an extensive collection of birds.
These annual summer events feature top name talent and extensive camping grounds.
The fine-dining restaurant is open for dinner and has an extensive selection of wine and beer.
But one group of seismologists has flipped things around to harvest an extensive repertoire of fin whale songs.
Many are media trained, including broadcast and radio, and have extensive interview experience.
The expense and prep time are more extensive with healthy food.
The question remains, however, whether such extensive damage can be reversed after abstaining from alcohol.
While some mortality is expected among the iguanas, officials do not expect extensive damage.
Quite a lot is semi-arid, and only suitable for extensive livestock grazing.
The normal living cell is something of which our knowledge is both enormously extensive and utterly incomplete.
To read the full position statement on aging and its extensive list of references, follow this link.
Surgeons reopened her incision and discovered a festering infection that had caused extensive damage.
Extensive evacuation would be impossible because the surging water would cut off the few escape routes.
And while many escaped without major damage, some reported extensive flooding in and around campus buildings.
Your privacy can also be invaded if the government compiles an extensive dossier about you.
Such evaluations don't have to be extensive or complex.
The newspaper followed up with extensive reporting that raises many questions about what happened.
So, expect that more students will have had extensive positive quality online experiences before they enroll in higher education.
Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of budgeting.
Of course, one can obtain a half baked academic education through extensive and protracted independent study.
Extensive electromagnetic prospecting has been carried out elsewhere in the province.
The police department has installed an extensive camera system, licence-plate readers and air monitors.
No less significant is the extensive exchange of intelligence between the two countries' spies.
Over any extensive time period, words are a poor stand-in for the underlying concept.
It is a past without extensive machinery or processed foods.
What sets this cart apart from the waffle crowd is its extensive list of toppings.
It is thrown into longitudinal folds, which in the ampulla are much more extensive than in the isthmus.
The nasal cavity has extensive capillary plexuses in the mucosa and submucosa.
During pregnancy the pelvic joints and ligaments are relaxed, and capable therefore of more extensive movements.
We at present enjoy a free trade throughout our extensive and expanding country such as the world has never witnessed.
More had gradually built up for himself an extensive and lucrative private practice, when he was drawn into the king's service.
The spacecraft has found extensive ridges along the planet's surface, made as it cooled and shrank over its four billion years.
Also features extensive exhibits on the history of the treatment of mental illness.
Its extensive root system sends up new shoots annually, so it doesn't need to be replanted.
The extensive record makes it possible to compare cases that occurred centuries apart.
It is likely that the moon would yield extensive mineral deposits.
Unfortunately, there was extensive evidence that that campaign proceeded largely by torture, and not by investigation.
As for the cuisine, it's self-consciously down-market, and in place of an extensive wine list there's lots and lots of beer.
But by age five, after extensive outpatient therapy, she had recovered her faculties completely.
Many yakuza became rich during the bubble economy of the eighties and nineties, and they developed extensive corporate structures.
The underground prison economy that you describe is far more extensive than people might imagine.
Parr also talked about his extensive book and photographic-print collections.
The extensive emphasis on fitness equipment, memory systems and financial products can be read in terms of self-improvement.
Using hairs from woolly mammoths, scientists have sequenced an extensive genome of these elephant cousins, a new report says.
We devised this schedule after extensive consultation with teachers.
He was a psychiatrist, who in his extensive travels grew increasingly interested in reducing poverty.
Our explorers come to us with a diverse and extensive list of credentials.
Methods to utilize rainwater range from simple to extensive.
The flip side of their extensive experience of opposition is that they have no experience in governing.
It includes an extensive introduction and helpful annotations.
He himself had translated it, as he had modestly noted in his extensive prefatory remarks-hours and hours earlier.
No doubt he was hardened by his previous extensive experience of reporting guerrilla warfare in various continents.
The manufacture of vaccines is difficult because of its complexity and the need for extensive tests at all its stages.
He would also create a more extensive job-training program.
They have also conducted an extensive private interview with him.
Amazingly, humans who get similar extensive practice never develop the optimal strategies that the pigeons pick up.
The extensive root system over my repaired heal symbolizes stability, strength and recovery.
Their training is so extensive, physicians argue, that they alone should diagnose illnesses.
Equally impressive are several burrows built by wombats that are so extensive they have been detected from space.
But without extensive irrigation the plants will die and both farming and natural ecosystems will be replaced by scrub and desert.
It then provides extensive mentoring to encourage the students to continue on to graduate school.
Areas with heavy tourism and extensive building showed obvious environmental injury.
High-speed maglev trains make extensive use of such magnets to levitate the cars above their tracks.
It could do extensive damage, especially if it exploded in the lower atmosphere.
Fracking, sometimes combined with extensive horizontal drilling, depends on creating new pockets in relatively impervious rock.
Although a lot of its components were technically reusable, it required extensive refurbishment between trips.
The researchers report there's been no evidence of carcinogenesis in their extensive animal studies.
Ski materials have received an equally extensive makeover.
It was the fourth face transplant in the world, though the others were not as extensive.
In mountainous areas avalanches and mud slides leave barren paths that soon support extensive stands.
Qi flows through the body and to the organs by way of an extensive system of channels known as meridians.
Metaphorical thought is based on these extensive and absolutely crucial aspects of non-metaphorical thought.
For an extensive gallery of photos from the party, click here.
On his shoulder perched a mynah bird with an extensive vocabulary.
And it shouldn't stop you from popping by to catch up on our extensive archive of re-caps, interviews, and videos.
Fiddling ensued-extensive fiddling-without satisfying him.
It is a sad fact that the same result could not be produced today, clearly due to the extensive use of insecticides.
The process of selecting a fee-only financial advisor should involve both time and extensive due diligence, experts say.
Today, a broken hip usually means surgery and extensive rehab.
Weld designed the grounds, pathways, and an extensive rock garden.
These showers can be so extensive that they can easily be observed from the ground.
The company has conducted extensive trials on the ease of cleaning up the gum and has done independent taste tests.
Looking for more customers, the company did extensive market research in poor countries.
Marks brings an extensive background in corporate management, marketing, and not-for-profit leadership to his new role.
And extensive patent protections tie the hands of drug companies that want to expand their use.
One of the new cells in particular will require extensive testing, since it relies on silicon-based electrodes.
But extensive testing, including safety testing, remains to be done.
Of course, researchers need to do extensive safety testing before the technology can be used in patients.
Scientists caution that extensive research needs to be done before the device can be used for routine clinical monitoring.
The other group was put through extensive testing of cognitive and motor performance and metabolic health.
The extensive amount of water used in the steam process is retained simply by recycling it for reuse.
These folks believe that extensive harvesting of renewable energy is the answer.
What's more, it's a diffuse gas that's difficult to store, and there isn't an extensive infrastructure for delivering it.
For instance, protein-coding genes can undergo extensive changes and yet retain their critical functions.

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