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Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.
So far, there is no evidence that exposure to any of these gadgets causes long-term developmental problems, experts say.
Specifically, white scientists have much better exposure to mentoring and more opportunities for research collaboration.
The more they spread themselves operationally, the more natural hedges reduce their exposure to big currency swings.
In this three-hour exposure during a full moon, the two brightest stars in the sky are described as arcing lines.
Because the photos are taken at night, proper exposure relies on flashlight-toting volunteers to provide lighting.
Orient your bed north-south for maximum sun exposure.
Getting the right exposure for your pictures used to be the single trickiest part of taking photographs with a film camera.
Radiation sickness is illness and symptoms resulting from excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.
Exposure to college, according to higher-education researchers, is an impetus for college participation.
Rich-world investors have been keen on exposure to emerging markets because of low yields at home.
Freckles are deposits of melanin that develop on the skin, especially after sun exposure.
Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving, for instance.
The house faces southwest for maximum exposure to the sun and features parallel indoor-outdoor dining and living rooms.
The hypnotic image you see above is the result of a six-month exposure.
Long-term exposure to concentrated smog significantly raises the risk of dying from lung disease, a new study shows.
Higher education's current rush to exposure has both startled and dismayed me.
Many die from explosions and falls, not to mention long-term disease from exposure to toxic substances.
Synchronized hatching may minimize the nest's exposure to predators.
Indoors, give southern exposure add to my plant list.
Long exposure times increase the chance you'll blur the shot, whether through the subject's movement or yours.
My first exposure to the for-profit sector came two years ago.
Aim to take one underexposed image, one overexposed image, and one right in the middle at the correct exposure for the situation.
The cause of this is probably early exposure to terror.
Prolonged exposure to freezing weather is more damaging than a brief plunge in temperature.
The camera will also use this information to weight color balance and exposure.
The bottom line is that students who speak out or organize in any way risk serious exposure.
Negative health effects from exposure to chemicals are a growing concern.
The exposure time can be more than two hours, depending on the building's size.
We should move it to a southern exposure bed where it would do much better.
Heavy metals can be inhaled or ingested, and prolonged exposure causes acute toxicity.
Such exposure helps make the research process less mysterious and more accessible.
The photographer's time-lapse exposure captures magma flying through fissures in the dome's thin crust.
My own purpose here is to focus on the dangers of a high level of capsaicin exposure.
Exposure to light only causes fading and the yellowing of the paper.
The objective of any search is to give candidates wide exposure to people on your campus, in formal and informal settings.
Their occupational health standards are not as stringent as ours, and so there was a much higher exposure in that population.
Elephants show investigative behavior on the first day of mirror exposure.
Radiation exposure is typically measured in millirems.
After all, it has already changed drastically since it was first constructed because of exposure to the elements.
Diamonds can be made green through exposure to radiation.
Great contrast and composition, enhanced by the right exposure.
Northern exposure has never appealed to me as much as southern light.
Regular freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to the elements have been gradually destroying the tracks.
Start-ups often yearn for media exposure more than anything else.
The camera also insists on setting exposure for you.
The agency is also urging consumers to reduce their exposure to the chemical until further studies are completed.
If dioxin and ionizing radiation cause cancer, then it stands to reason that less exposure to them should improve public health.
Bats that received no artificial magnetic exposure took off southward, easily finding their way home.
And stick to organic cereals to decrease exposure to harmful chemicals in your food.
For bands, radio exposure has never been the end result.
Giving conference papers and writing book chapters will also give you the exposure you need to establish yourself as a player.
And anyone can agree that exposure to other peoples is an education itself.
People who have placed a cicada wing on their skin prior to exposure to the sun have noticed that they do not tan under the wing.
It also reflects divergent worldviews and exposure to the same.
Perhaps attorneys receive the enhanced ranking due to the profession's public exposure on television.
Participation in state-wide planning efforts gave me excellent exposure and knowledge.
Research shows the best method for adults to achieve fluency in a foreign language is interactive exposure.
The exposure would prompt the body's immune system to raise its own disease-fighting antibodies to destroy the protein.
Exposure and hypothermia are probably the biggest killers of mountaineers.
Agency officials say new uses could increase people's exposure through skin absorption or inhalation.
Grazing animals are known to orient themselves to minimize heat loss by wind or maximize their exposure to sunlight.
Exposure to some compounds in plastic water bottles has been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans.
Tolerates any exposure, although it prefers shade in hottest climates.
In the winter there is much less work than at any other season, but what there is involves great hardship and exposure.
Constant exposure to dangers will breed contempt for them.
His face was almost distorted from fatigue, exposure, the inward conflict that had lasted for twenty-four hours.
The exposure is straightforward and commonplace, but the style is embroidered with quaint and elaborate conceits.
The monotonous toil and exposure is painted in many words.
For this exposure of supernatural agents upon a stage is truly bringing in a candle to expose their own delusiveness.
The original point of separating factories from residential areas was to reduce exposure to dangerous pollution.
Now she is in a position where she gets constant exposure to core issues regarding how a university is run.
Not surprisingly, after such intense long exposure, the president's staff has been infected.
It is probably not due to reactance but is consistent with a mere exposure explanation and with an explanation based on scarcity.
But a semester of exposure to complex ideas and processes is not sufficient to transform undergraduates' learning experiences.
So for us, the application process is more about self-exposure.
That's unfortunate because the broader your network, the broader your exposure to a variety of careers.
If they complain about working conditions, their managers can threaten them with exposure to the immigration authorities.
Some bloggers and climate scientists see the exposure as heroic.
In some, lights are attached to the people's hands so that their movements describe a pattern in a time exposure.
We had no way to reset the exposure and were therefore committed to proceed.
If it helps to get these early films exposure to a whole new generation or two, then all the better.
These commercials are now mini-brands,and the more exposure they get, the better.
Because they did all know me as a photographer-they'd had exposure to that persona, so it was not unexpected.
Within a month the troops were eating their horses, dogs and moccasins, dying by the scores from exposure and disease.
At home, she preferred to threaten high-ranking miscreants with exposure rather than execution.
Huge sections of ceiling are peeling and flaking, stained by water seepage and discolored by age and uneven exposure to light.
The first was the bank's focus on traders' net exposure, the difference between the portfolios that are being arbitraged.
The main impact of the games is to provide exposure.
Studies have demonstrated that exposure to coke oven emissions caused lung and urinary cancers in workers.
Exposure to high levels of these chemicals can cause liver and kidney damage.
Exposure for short periods can cause headaches, dizziness and confusion.
It's also a way to reduce radiation exposure from your cell phone.
Integrated exposure meters tend to overestimate exposure time the smaller the solar image is in relation to total image size.
But lichens, which other species of tardigrades live on, show no harm from exposure to space.
The goal of the treatment is habituation, a form of learning in which a response to a stimulus diminishes with repeated exposure.
However, because of their extensive use and long half-life, human exposure remains widespread.
With the effects of long exposure, the clouds and ocean became soft and even.
As a result, farmers' pesticide exposure dropped, and their health improved.
Up until now, you had to shoot in auto-exposure mode.
Both have been discredited-the first by its failure, the second by its success and consequent exposure as ineffective.
Perhaps it's because flu viruses flourish in cool temperatures and are killed by exposure to sunlight.
The pilot lurched into a steep, spiraling dive to minimize the plane's exposure time to ground fire.
Avoidance of exposure is preached but too seldom practiced.
People today have far more education and exposure to the outside world.
But as channels have proliferated, it has become much easier to avoid exposure to politics altogether.
As one part of the world becomes modern, those parts it touches also gain exposure to modern ideas.
The price of public life is the exposure of the follies, or worse, the disgraces of private life.
In many mammals the development of normal vision requires exposure to light during a critical period following birth.
Such would not be the first instance of a cover name providing inadvertent means for exposure.
He was telling me about his first exposure to your music.
They were cattle ranchers who were trying to hedge their exposure to the price of livestock.
The article escaped exposure because, after all, it might have been true.
The constant exposure to that level of risk and violence can't help but take its toll.
It was presumed that their cancer was attributable to nuclear exposure without considering the radiation dose.
It was about weighing the detective's fee against a chance to limit their exposure.
The list, on the other hand, brought exposure around the world.
But if you are dying from exposure, you usually sit down.
The alchemy of perfect exposure and diamond-sharp focus was pure magic.
It's well known that health care workers are at risk of contracting tuberculosis because of their exposure to infected patients.
Management modifiers for radiation exposure management algorithm.
Explanation of exposure research and why it's important.
And chronic high exposure has been linked to skin lesions, certain cancers and cardiovascular disease.

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